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Footage inside the lavish Irish wedding that violated Covid’s lockdown rules

Footage from the lavish Irish wedding, which broke Covid Lockdown rules, shows the bride and groom getting to their ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage last week.

The wedding with at least 12 people in the bridal party alone sparked anger over a violation of the Covid-19 level 5 guidelines.

The young traveler couple was filmed as they arrived in the white horse-drawn carriage at St. John’s Church in Tralee, Co Kerry, followed by two stretched limousines.

The newlyweds were joined by four bridesmaids, four groomsmen, a page boy, and a page girl as they celebrated their big day.

Currently, only six guests are allowed in weddings under level 5 lockdown restrictions.

Happy couple rides in style in Tralee, Co Kerry on Friday

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Rev. Father Tadhg Fitzgerald said they were very strict on the guidelines and apologized for the excessive attendance, which he felt was not planned.

He told “The person who conducted the wedding made it absolutely clear that only six are allowed.

“Sometime towards the end of the wedding, someone opened a side door and let a few people in.

“It’s disappointing, it’s hurtful on one level, sometimes some people don’t take personal responsibility.”

Martin Collins, co-director of Pavee Point, said the organization had been “consistent and clear” throughout the pandemic that gatherings needed to be “put on hold”.

He said: “Pavee Point has been very consistent since the beginning of the pandemic and very clear that all large gatherings, funerals, weddings, engagements, birthdays, anniversaries and all of these events must be put on hold.

Couple at St. John’s Church in Tralee

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“When this began last March, I wrote a social media post for Pavee Point advising travelers to take precautionary measures.

“I ask travelers to avoid large gatherings and to keep their distance of two meters, wash their hands and wear their face masks.

“The vast majority of travelers adhere to the guidelines. But there is a significant minority in our church that is not. We have to get the message across to them.

“We have to put this into context, there are many, many people in the settlement community who are also not following the guidelines.

Bridal car is a white stretch Hummer

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“Travelers have told me you have high court judges and government ministers who violate the guidelines, and I say do not allow your stupid actions to justify your similar behavior.”

According to diocese policy, weddings are limited to a maximum of six people, with the exception of the priest and the married couple.

Photographers and singers are also excluded from the total.

A spokesman for Garda said possible violations of the Covid regulations would be investigated and, if necessary, fixed deposit notices would be issued and / or files created for the DPP.


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