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Football fans warned they could face a £ 1,000 fine for hoisting the English flag from cars

The little-known rules of showing love for your team on the road were highlighted by auto specialist Select Car Leasing as fans prepare for Gareth Southgate’s side in Sunday’s game against Croatia

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Football fans planning to show their love for the team by hoisting a giant English flag from their cars for the euros have been warned they could be fined £ 1,000.

The tournament begins on Friday and on Sunday the Three Lions will meet Croatia to kick off their campaign.

During the anticipated heat wave, players will flock to the beer gardens to cheer on their team and soak up the sun while others watch from home.

But there’s a form of partying that’s likely to result in hefty fines, auto specialists said.

Leading automotive company Select Car Leasing has pointed out the dangers of supporting your team on the road.

Driving with a flag on your car is not a criminal offense, and most products for sale are perfectly legal when properly affixed, reports WalesOnline.

Breaking the rules could result in drivers being hit with a £ 1,000 fine


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But one that is particularly large and obscures the driver’s view could risk convening Ordinance 30 of the Road Vehicle Ordinance (Build and Use) 1986, which states that motorists must have a complete view of the road and traffic in front of them.

A flag that could endanger pedestrians or other road users could violate rule 53 of the same rule, which includes “mascots, emblems or other ornaments” on engines.

The rule states that mascots must not be placed where it is likely that anyone will be hit with whom the vehicle could collide, unless the mascot cannot cause injury.

You could still get away with a smaller flag


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If you break the rules, drivers of cars or vans could be fined £ 1,000.

Graham Conway, General Manager of Select Car Leasing said, “With the Euros launch this week, the excitement is increasing.

“Especially since football fans had to wait a year after the tournament was postponed due to the Covid crisis.

“Showing your support with a flag, a scarf or a mascot will not be a problem for most of them.

“But it is important to make sure that the driver’s vision is never blocked by anything that you put on your vehicle.

“Not only could it cause an accident, but you could also stab your pocket.

“If you plan to hoist a flag or put a mascot on your engine, make sure it won’t endanger you or anyone else.”


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