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Global company that performs electrical conversions of classic cars to grow by 500% in 2021

Classic cars are given a second green opportunity from a company in the UK.

Lunaz retrofits classic Rolls Royce and Jaguar vehicles with electrical parts and installs modern functions such as WiFi, navigation systems and audio systems. One charge of the battery enables a journey of approx. 400 km.

The electric vehicle technology company has just announced that it will expand its global production center by 500 percent in spring 2021. It plans to expand from its current 8,000 square foot facility to a 40,000 square foot high-tech engineering and manufacturing center adjacent to its current home.

With the multi-phase growth strategy, Lunaz becomes a world leader in the retrofitting of passenger and industrial vehicles.

How did it all start?

Co-founder David Lorenz was inspired by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding day.

“I saw Prince Harry leave the wedding in the electric E-Type with Meghan Markle. It just clicked, what a fantastic idea it would be to have an aesthetically beautiful car with the reliability and sustainability element, to be able to drive it every day. “

He also wanted classic cars that were prone to breakdowns to be more reliable. “”[I have] A car that I got married in and that I would like to pass on to my daughter who is a driver. And the fact is that in 16 years’ time, when she drives, she will no longer want to drive a gasoline car, “says Lorenz.

He teamed up with John Hilton, who had previously worked for Rolls Royce and Renault’s Formula 1 team, to bring Lunaz to market. They work on the famous Silverstone circuit building cars from scratch to keep the feel of a classic car with the climate-friendly elements of an electric version.

“These are some of the most beautiful cars in history. And it gives you the opportunity to use them with a guilt-free pleasure and conscience,” he concludes.

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