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Hyundai EV Future, Flying Mustang, 10 Most Powerful Cars: Car News Headlines

Like most of its competitors, the Hyundai Motor Group is preparing for a future without an internal combustion engine. According to reports from Korea, the automaker has already closed the engine development center at its main research and development center and transferred employees to the electric motors, batteries and semiconductors departments.

The famous Flying Mustang, built by Shelby American and driven by Ken Miles, will be auctioned. The car was sold at auction just last year, raising $ 3.85 million, and current estimates suggest the price could be even higher when the car goes on sale next month.

Do you remember when even the most exotic supercars had just over 500 horsepower? Those days are long gone as you can now buy family sedans and crossovers that are more than twice the horsepower. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best performing cars in production to help you identify today’s heavy-hitters.

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