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Jeremy Clarkson reveals the cars his daughter Emily would choose for her wedding day

JEREMY Clarkson has revealed the cars likely chosen to drive his daughter Emily to her wedding or possibly away from her.

Emily Clarkson, a blogger and writer, 25, shared the fact that she and her partner Alex Andrew, formerly a member of the boy band Taken, got engaged through a social media post on March 20.

The news was shared in a typically garish manner by Clarkson on his Twitter page.

Today I delivered 2 sheep and when my hand raised a vagina my daughter called to say she was getting married. Strange to be so happy.

– Jeremy Clarkson (@JeremyClarkson) March 20, 2020

During a recent online pub social quiz that Clarkson had put together for DriveTribe with James May and Richard Hammond, colleagues on the Grand Tour, an avid participant held a Q&A to ask him, “Which car would You drive to your daughter? Wedding?”

Given the Sunday Times columnist Clarkson recently announced that he had ordered a new Bentley Flying Spur, you might have thought this would be ideal for the job.

Despite his encyclopedic knowledge of what the ideal wheels might be for the job, the car used at Emily’s wedding is likely her choice, rather than her father’s.

“Which car? I’m not exactly sure,” began Clarkson, “if it were up to her, it would be a Range Rover Sport – I know she’s particularly interested.”

Emily wrote in The Sun late last year that she had been invited to attend Love Island but declined for several reasons (out of a long-term relationship, of course) despite the opportunity to receive free gifts and branding offers, and ” no amount of Range Rover Sports would see me sell my soul to that particular devil “.

However, according to her father, it wouldn’t be her only car of choice. Your other favorite car is an AC Cobra [which he pronounces “cob-ra” rather than “co-bra”]he added during the DriveTribe quiz. “Or actually, she’s very fond of a Shelby Mustang.”

Clarkson confirmed that it will likely be one of those three cars, adding, “That’s what she goes in … or goes in.”

Whichever car is ultimately chosen, it is unclear who will drive Emily to church. Clarkson might want to do it himself, and he’s no stranger to the fact that he poses as the 2010 wedding chauffeur for an episode of Top Gear along with co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May. The trio tried to find the world’s largest four-seat supercars and as part of the film were asked to drive key members of a wedding party to church.

However, Miss Clarkson might have other ideas for her own special day when her father showed up for the job in his signature blue jeans, which he then disguised as fancier pants by covering them with black duct tape. Then he said to his passengers, who also included the bride’s mother: “If I have whistling pits, I apologize, but wearing slightly hot pants” before he switched on the Sport Plus driving mode in his Porsche Panamera Turbo and said Affenzahn.

And Clarkson himself has been married twice, first to Alexandra Hall in 1989 and to Frances Cain in 1993, with whom he had three children, Emily being the eldest.

Clarkson finished his answer during the quiz by saying, “It’s a very happy time for the Clarksons because she is engaged to a very nice man and we are all very happy.”

In a 2017 article on relative values ​​for the Sunday Times Magazine, Emily revealed, “Dad was pretty clumsy when Alex first stayed with the family in the Cotswolds.

“He said, ‘OK, cool, great’ when I said to him on the phone, and ‘I have to go now, bye.’ He likes Alex. His only rule was that I couldn’t date someone who rides a motorcycle. “

Clarkson said of his daughter, “I am incredibly proud of her. My heart is 16 feet wide and proud of how well she did it. She is a hilarious writer with a great ability to be frivolous at the end of a sentence. “

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