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JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Have Wedding Update (EXCLUSIVE)

When it comes to The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, there are some favorite couples that prove it’s possible to find love on reality TV.

JoJo Fletcher met her fiancé Jordan Rodgers when she starred in season 12 of The Bachelorette.

In the five years since the two were first engaged, the couple have renovated more than a dozen homes together, put on shows like Cash Pad and Fittest Couples, and possibly set some wedding dates. (Your wedding has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.)

The duo spoke exclusively to Distractify about the latest wedding plans, the recent home renovations (think island paradise), and how to find a perfect car with autotrader mirrors on the Bachelorette.

JoJo and Jordan could postpone their wedding (again).

When the TV personalities set a wedding date for June 2020 back in 2019, they couldn’t foresee the global pandemic that would thwart their plans.

Jordan and JoJo have postponed their big day to May 2021 in hopes that things will get back to normal. But the pandemic could mean that they have to postpone their wedding again.

“We were very optimistic and very hopeful about our new date because we postponed our 2020 date and been there for a year. We were very hopeful that things would be in a better place by May of this year,” announced JoJo. “We just got a call from our wedding planner stating that our venue still has a maximum capacity of 10 people. Our guest list is far larger so we are currently trying to figure out what to do there.”

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Although the two originally had to wait to have the wedding they’d always dreamed of, now they’re not sure if it will be an option for some time.

“We weighed the options. Do we roll the dice and hope things open up? Or do we put it off until later this year or next year? Are we getting married and having a reception later?” Explained JoJo and talked about the options the two went back and forth with.

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“Jordan and I have been talking for the past few days about how we both just want this day to be everything we’ve dreamed of, and we’ve been waiting five years,” she continued. “We may have to postpone. If that has to happen, then I think that’s something we’re okay with.”

Jordan reiterated that they want to make sure their wedding is safe for everyone involved.

“We want family and friends to travel and celebrate safely,” added the sports analyst. “We’ll be there sometime.”

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In the meantime, the two are renovating their house in Puerto Rico.

Until JoJo and Jordan decide what to do to exchange their vows, they focus on another renovation project. Instead of helping turn other people’s homes on Cash Pad, the two of them focus on their home in Puerto Rico.

They started a renovation on February 9th and while this is their 13th project together, they think it will be the toughest yet.

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“It’s probably the most challenging project we’ve ever done as logistical renovation on an island is a bit more difficult,” said JoJo. “This will be a whole new experience and probably a little more stressful.”

The engaged couple may be perfectly solid about their relationship, but they definitely disagreed on the choice of design.

“Oh, did we have design differences,” said JoJo. “Of the many houses we’ve renovated together, we’ve certainly turned a lot of things upside down. Personally, I think our design styles now go together pretty well.”

Overall, however, working together has helped them grow stronger as a couple.

“Knowing how to communicate; that makes our projects better and our relationship better,” said Jordan. “We practiced a lot for both of them.”

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One thing the couple will never disagree on is cars.

Although the engaged couple’s first car experience together may have been Jordan’s limo entry on the show, they have since needed a vehicle sturdy enough to aid with their frequent moves, renovations, and busy lives in general.

Creating design plans or choosing finishes can lead the duo to argue, but it’s always been solid when it comes to automobiles.

Source: Instagram

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“We’re similar – we’ve never had problems with cars,” said JoJo.

While finding the right vehicle can be a daunting task, JoJo and Jordan partnered with Autotrader to help people find “the one”.

To commemorate Autotrader’s list of the best new cars for 2021, the company has assigned each of the 12 vehicles on the list to a zodiac sign. The quiz was so accurate that the former Bachelorette was actually paired with her current truck.

“I’m a Scorpio and the car that came for me is a Ford F-150,” she shared. “It was pretty spot on because I love this truck too. Every time we ever had to move, which is six times, we’ve actually used this truck.”

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Also, she added, she likes having a big car for those times when she “accidentally hit”[s] a curb. “

“That happens,” confirmed Jordan.

Whether you’re a glitzy and glamorous driver, take off-road trips, or want safety as a top priority, the Zodiac quiz has it all.

Jordan, who is a virgin, has been compared to a Volvo XC40.

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“Mine was a bit sportier, but there is still muscle behind it,” Jordan said of approving the type of car it was paired with.

The football commentator then compared the list of the best cars of 2021 to the show in which he met his future bride.

“This partnership is great because Autotrader makes it easy to narrow down the best new cars in 2021. Much like the Bachelorette narrowed them down for JoJo, right?” Jordan joked. “They put 25 people in front of her and she had to make a decision, that’s what Autotrader does – they give you 12 cars to help you make a decision.”

It is clear that JoJo made the right choice when it came to her ultimate rose recipient. Your wedding to Jordan will be celebrated by Bachelor Nation – however.

When you need to make a car decision or just want to know what your sign means when you hit the road, Autotrader’s fun Zodiac car quiz is here for you.

The Bachelor will air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


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