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Kenyans Urged to Embrace Use of Electric Vehicles

Naivasha — Stakeholders dealing in electric automobiles have urged Kenyans to embrace and adopt their use to support the government’s ongoing initiatives to transition to clean, green and sustainable new e-mobility solutions.

During an Electric Vehicle Auto Expo held in Naivasha, various sector players said the huge potential in the uptake of electric vehicles could be achieved through raising awareness on clean mobility and supporting possible investors in alternative fuel technology.

Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Limited [VAELL] Managing Director Bertha Mvati, lauded government support in the adoption of electric vehicles which he said would help the country achieve its climate change obligations through low carbon emissions and reduced noise pollution.

Mvati said the expo is timely as it aims to promote the use of electric mobility devices including vehicles and motorcycles at a time the country is experiencing fuel shortages noting that “The future of mobility is electric”.

She however appealed to relevant government agencies to review and evaluate electric cars incentives and stimulus that would encourage more adoption locally, including tax exemptions for electric automobiles to reduce the price gap with conventional vehicles.

“The government should review these tax measures as consumers are concerned with the high cost of purchasing new electric car as compared to a fuel one,” said Mvati.

She added that the government should also offer flexible inducements to local electric car assemblers, manufacturers, and importers of electric batteries, as well as support for the provision of car charging ports and related infrastructure.

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The director also called for enhanced public-private partnerships that would create a more conducive environment for private players to venture into the development of electric infrastructure and promote favorable competition in the market.

The electric vehicles exhibitors touted the cars as environmentally friendly, offering more delightful experience to drivers and passengers with low maintenance costs as compared to fuel-charged cars.

Bolt Regional Manager Kenneth Micah said the company has already launched a Green option service on its mobile application platform that allows riders to choose an electric taxi that is less pollutant.

Micah said the company currently offers incentives to fleet owners who adopt electric vehicles on its platform through reduced commission rates that have seen its electric taxis hit 100 units.

He said electric cars offered more savings to the user of up to 40 percent per kilometer due to low running costs as compared to using fuel.

“Future cities must provide efficient and environmentally friendly mobility alternatives to reduce individual dependence on personal cars and improve the quality of life through reduced traffic, harmful emissions and noise pollution,” said Micah. – kna


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