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Khuda aur Mohabbat Episode-16 Review: Taimoor is shot dead on the night of his wedding

The latest episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat was an emotionally charged one. It was high in drama and emotion and it is safe to say that all the main and secondary characters delivered on-time performances.

The episode begins with the wedding rituals of Mahi and Taimoor. Everyone is happy about the union. Taimoor looks at her lovingly and yet Mahi seems indifferent.

Even when saying goodbye to her family, she remains stoic and expressionless.

When leaving, Taimoor insists on driving home. He believes his brother Sikandar is taking too long to drive and the night will pass along the way.

Taimoor tries to break the ice with Mahi by looking at her through the rearview mirror, but when she looks at him she sees Farhad instead and looks down.

Since Taimoor drove way too fast, the cars with the security stayed behind. A few moments later, a vehicle appears next to the family’s car and fires at Taimoor.

Mahi’s mother goes into shock to see Taimoor’s blood on her hands as she tries to make sure he’s okay. Mahi stares at him with wide eyes, her brain refusing to believe what just happened.

Sikandar calls for his younger brother’s lifeless, bloody body, hoping he’ll wake up, but knows it’s too late.

Chaos breaks out in Mahi’s house. Her father Kazim Shah stumbles in shock while her brother Nazim Shah looks perplexed, knowing that he is somehow responsible.

Mahi’s mother passes out when she hears the news.

Sikandar is desperate and shaken to the core when he exercises the funeral rights for his younger brother. He thinks of less than twenty-four hours ago when they left for Taimoor’s wedding.

Kazim Shah slaps his son on the face and blames him for everything that happened. If he hadn’t made the mistake of donating their rivals, none of this would have happened.

Farhad’s mother returns home and asks about her son. His father tells his sister Fari that she will never accept reality. He asks her to say yes to everything she says. Naheed is also sad, but remains calm.

Romana learns of Taimoor’s death and is concerned about Sikandar and his family.

Mahi is overwhelmed by trauma and grief. She tears up her wedding dress and weeps over her misfortune. She says she is doomed to ruin everything.

After Taimoor’s funeral, his mother tells Mahi to complete her iddat with them. Mahi’s mother says Mahi is out of the mind to be left alone as she is quite shaken after Taimoor’s incident. Taimoor’s mother says that her son was killed. He had to pay the price for the hostility and rivalry of others. Here Nazim Shah wears a face as if he had been caught in the act.

Will Mahi go with her parents? What will happen when Taimoor’s family learns the truth from Nazim Shah? Check out this section to find out.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on Geo TV.

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