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Lockdown-violating wedding robbed, groom runs away

Even a pandemic cannot stop the big, fat Indian wedding. Shortly after news that a couple has booked an entire flight to celebrate a sky wedding, multiple stories emerge from the state of large weddings that violate lockdown standards.

Recently raids were carried out on two such weddings in the state. In the Chikkamagaluru district, the groom allegedly ran away and left the bride in the hall when officials raided. The wedding took place on Tuesday in Kadur Taluk and more than 300 people were in attendance. When officials from Jodihachihalli Gram Panchayat raided the wedding, the groom ran away. One case was filed against organizers and 10 people.

The second raid took place in the village of B Hosur in Mandya, where the daughter of a Gram Panchayat member was married. The event was at home on Sunday with over 300 guests. According to the norms, the Tahasildar’s permission is required to perform a wedding and it appears the GP member decided that the rules did not apply to him. Based on a lead, a team led by Tahasildar Chandrashekar raided the wedding and confiscated four cars. Cases have been registered against more than 10 people.

An official from Gram Panchayat told Bangalore Mirror that no more than 30 people are allowed to attend wedding ceremonies. “But people are trying to fool officials by getting permission for 10 people and inviting 200 to the wedding. At first they are negligent towards the norm and then accuse the officials of interfering in the ceremony, ”he said.

The license is canceled

The Deputy Commissioner of Mandya Ashwathi S said people should realize the severity of the pandemic and impose the strict rules for their safety.

“There is a full lockdown in place in the district. We have also directed Tahasildars to take strict action against those who conduct marriages without following protocols. The licenses for wedding halls are canceled for a month if more than 30 people are allowed to enter the hall. A FIR is registered against those who also marry at home, which is against the norms in force, ”she warned.


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