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Michelle Heaton’s unhappy first marriage – cheating, gaiters and a shabby wedding dress

It’s been 14 years since Liberty X siren Michelle Heaton tied the knot with Andy Scott-Lee at a lavish winter wonderland wedding.

It was a wedding of the British pop and reality royalty with Michelle, who became famous on the TV talent show Popstars, and her heartbreaker, who is a member of the boy band 3SL and the brother of Steps singer Lisa Scott-Lee.

The couple’s fairytale wedding was the focus of ITV reality show Michelle and Andy’s Big Day and a glossy magazine, but despite the hype, the marriage was over just 19 months later.

The breakup sparked a bitter war of words in the media. Andy accused Michelle of cheating on him with several men, including one of his best friends and former EastEnders actor Matt Di Angelo.

Michelle Heaton’s and Andy Scott-Lee’s marriage lasted only 19 months

“She cheated on me and when she started she just couldn’t stop,” a heartbroken Andy told the Sunday Mirror at the time.

He claimed he first got wind that Michelle didn’t do the dirty until seven months after they got married.

He said he made the discovery when his wife left her Facebook page open and he saw a message from one of her “lovers” who was bragging about a “mint” sex.

Michelle admitted in court records that her adultery was the reason the marriage fell apart.

Michelle has been accused of cheating on her husband on multiple occasions

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Among the numerous infidelities that Andy has accused Michelle of, he cheated on a girls’ vacation in Marbella with the nephew of a former English soccer player.

Michelle admitted that she kissed another man the last night of the vacation, but described the kiss as a “stupid and drunk” mistake.

Michelle was plagued by guilt and said she told Andy about it as soon as she got home.

However, she denied that she was having an affair with soap star Matt Di Angelo.

Dean Wicks

Lisa said Matt Di Angelo was “attractive” but she didn’t cheat on Andy with him

“I didn’t sleep with Matt. The only thing I did wrong was that I found him really attractive and cute – what woman wouldn’t – and as a married woman I shouldn’t think so,” Michelle told OK! Magazine.

Michelle also denied allegations that she had relationships with Big Brother 8 stars Ziggy Lichman and Liam McGough.

Recalling the explosive series that ended their marriage, Andy told the Mirror, “There was no way I could ignore her. I had to confront her. I’ve addressed all of the other times I knew. She tried to deny it but there weren’t any. ” Point.

“I told her the marriage was over. We decided to stay indoors and she moved out. We only talk via email to get the house sorted,” he said.

Michelle decided to sell her wedding dress at a car boot sale after separating from first husband Andy

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Michelle later hit her husband for speaking to the press.

“I just find it sad that he feels the need to make a living from me,” she said new! Magazine.

After her divorce from Andy, Michelle made the drastic decision to sell her princess wedding dress at a car boot sale.

She said the dress had been hanging in her closet for a while and she was going to give it to charity before deciding to make some money with it.

She accepted an offer of £ 225 from burger van sales clerk Natalie, who also threw in a sausage to seal the deal.

Michelle then donated the money to Cancer Research UK after she was diagnosed with the mutated BRCA2 gene herself.

Michelle Heaton and Hugh Hanley

Michelle Heaton and her fit guy Hugh Hanley

Michelle is now married to Irish businessman Hugh Hanely, whom she met shortly after she split from Andy.

The couple tied the knot in the Bahamas in 2010, two years after they met.

The couple are now parents to Faith Michelle, eight, and Aaron Jay, six.

While Andy married Lydia Louise, who competed in Big Brother UK in 2012.


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