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Ferrari electric car: Italian brand will launch a new fully electric supercar by 2025

The legendary Italian car brand confirmed that it will launch its first electric vehicle later than many of its competitors by 2025. However, Ferrari CEO John Elkann said the new car is a “great opportunity” to bring Ferrari’s “passion” to a new generation.

He said, “My own point is that, to say 100 percent electric, that drives things.

“I really never see Ferrari at 100 percent EV and certainly not in my life it will even reach 50 percent.”

But in 2018, Mr Camillero suggested that three out of five Ferraris could be electric by 2022.

He also predicted that the famous brand’s first electric supercar could hit the market as early as 2025 or 2030.

Last year, Ferrari’s CEO Enrico Galliera warned that the technology for electric cars for supercars was “not developed enough”.

He had wanted it to be at least five years before the technology could be used in a Ferrari.

Mr Galliera said: “There are some competitors coming out with new technologies that we will look at, but will that be a problem for Ferrari?

“I don’t think so because of Ferrari’s specific niche goals.

“And will that arouse interest for Ferrari in this market?

“No. We firmly believe that battery technology is not yet sufficiently developed to meet the requirements of a supercar.

“We don’t think the technology will meet the requirements of a Ferrari in the next five years.”

However, the UK has put a ban on petrol and diesel cars in place by 2030, which would have ceased sales of polluting models by the end of the decade.

No news has yet been released about what the new electric car might look like when it launches.

The Italian brand released a plug-in hybrid last year that was popular with consumers.

Ferrari said the introduction of the SF90 Stradale plug-in hybrid vehicle showed that Ferrari buyers are open to the electrified technology of their models.


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