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New darts champion Peter Wright reveals that daughter Naomi wants the Sid Waddell trophy on the top table at her wedding next week

BIG SID will take pride of place at the top table at Peter Wright’s family wedding – when he swaps dartboards for father dancing.

Wright’s daughter Naomi, 28, is getting married on Friday and wants the Sid Waddell Trophy to be the spotlight on this magical day.


Darts champion Peter Wright eats a pot noodle with the Sid Waddell TrophyPhoto credit: Lawrence LustigDaughter Naomi is getting married on Friday


Daughter Naomi is getting married on Friday

Snakebite and his hairdresser Jo will BOTH Naomi to the altar in Suffolk, less than two weeks after his second world hit.

The 51 year old Scot said, “We had a discussion because the woman does all the work – so why is the father the one who takes the daughter down?

“The woman takes care of 90 percent of the child, the birth and all of the pain.

“Why can’t the mother lead her daughter to the altar too?

“I’m putting on my kilt. I hope it doesn’t snow. I’ll be nervous that day. “

Jo told SunSport: “My daughter asked for it – she wants the trophy on the top table.

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“She would now like to use the day to celebrate his world title and to invite all of his buddies.

“It’s in a converted barn. It’s local. I don’t know if we’ll do his hair that day. “

In a tournament hit by three Covid failures, Wright stayed safe, out of trouble and had the stamina to keep up the pace.

He won the world title back Monday night with a 7-5 win over Michael Smith at Ally Pally.

And he celebrated with a cup of tea – while eating half a tub of sticky rib-flavored pot noodle!

It was last summer when Wright publicly said he wanted to win the World Matchplay and then the Worlds.

Many told him at the time to shut up – but he certainly kept that promise and responded to the critics.

There were no lucky trousers this time, as was the case in 2020 when he defeated Michael van Gerwen for the maiden crown. Instead, the Livingston-born ace wore lucky stockings.

Wright with his wife, Jo


Wright with his wife, JoPhoto credit: Getty

One of them portrayed the clown Pennywise from the Stephen King book and film It – and the other had a picture of the former wrestler Ultimate Warrior.

Wright laughed, “That’s me. I’m a crazy clown and I’m the ultimate warrior, I never give up. “

But the most famous dart star – thanks to his brightly colored mohawk and chic clothes – accepts that he may not always be the crowd favorite this year.

World number 2 said: “The fans like me because I wear crazy outfits and I have crazy hair.

“But I think I’ll be booed now because I’ll be an old hand and win.

“Everyone likes the outsider. With the amount of sports I watch, I cheer the underdog because you want him to win against the top players.

“There is no provision for old age. Jo won’t let me!

“Although I can upset the class of players out there, I’ll keep playing.

“I can win three more world titles before I’m too old – and reach five in total. But until then I might have to get a room frame to jump across the stage. “

The trophy will sit on the top table at the wedding


The trophy will sit on the top table at the weddingImage credit: AFP

He has two other big goals for 2022 – to win the Premier League title for the first time and also to replace Gerwyn Price at the top of the rankings.

Wright, pocketed £ 500,000 for winning at Ally Pally, said, “Being number 1 is on my mind. That’s realistic now.

“I’m so close to Gezzy. I’ll also focus on the Premier League and see what happens there.

“Would I have been so good if Phil Taylor had still been there? I do not know.

“Or if Michael van Gerwen was in the form we all know him for?

“I might place myself in the top five. But nowhere near as good as MVG and Phil Taylor.

“Without darts, I would probably be working in a garage – fitting tires and exhausts, doing maintenance work and so on.

“It was a good job, I enjoyed it. It kept me fit.

“I had the right tires for the cars. Not the tire around my stomach! “


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