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No groom, no problem: Jayceen gets her dream wedding on the milestone birthday

Jayceen Miller and mother Jean prepare for their 21st birthday wedding on Waihi Beach. Photo / Kerry Lance – Two creative photography

Jayceen Miller’s dream of becoming a bride came true over the weekend.

The only thing missing on Jay’s big day was a groom – but the celebration was never about hitchhiking. It was a 21st birthday milestone with a wedding theme.

Friends and family came from all over to attend the ceremony for the birthday boy who has Down syndrome and lives in Papamoa. It was like a real wedding, says Mother Jean.

Jean says Jay was intrigued by the idea of ​​a wedding.

” She would text me ‘I’m going to get married’ and I would write ‘Who are you going to marry?’ She would reply ‘me’. ”

Jean humored Jay for a few months and found she was serious. She was obsessed with Married at First Sight even though she didn’t watch much TV.

Being a bride has nothing to do with marrying a man for Jay, says Jean.

” It’s about the beauty of the wedding, the veil, the dress. Throughout her life, she has always loved beautiful clothes and things.

” Jay is all about beauty – she loves folding laundry, making a bed, and making things nicer. It’s super tidy, everything has its place. ”

Julie Ngawaka, who leads Waihi hip-hop dance, theater, and social groups for young people with disabilities, posted a Facebook page for help making the occasion special.

Deals on bagpipes, makeup and hair, venues, photographers, flowers, refreshments, cakes, cars, tables, chairs and more – mostly from Waihi. The family was flooded.

A happy Jay after the wedding / birthday ceremony.  Photo / Megan Moss A happy Jay after the wedding / birthday ceremony. Photo / Megan Moss

Much preparation had already been made, but there were some elements to contend with.

”It was wonderful. It was so much better than we expected, ”says Jean. “ It wouldn’t have been something like this without all of the people offering their services. We couldn’t have done it. ”

Transformed into a gorgeous bride with professional makeup and hair, a veil and flowers on Saturday, Jay walked down the aisle to meet her mother.

Her mother gave a speech in which she described Jay as a “warrior princess” and said, “Today is a celebration of the love that you receive from her and the love that she has for life”.

She praised her daughter for her strength despite medical problems like type 1 diabetes.

Jay, wanting to be a bride, wasn’t from a place of vanity, she said, but from the joy and confidence it gets.

Jay took the microphone too and thanked everyone involved.

After a busy day, Jean asked Jay if she would ever marry again and her answer was “No, Jean”.

The family would like to thank everyone who offered their services and made Jay’s day special.


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