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Offaly wedding reception after the council receives the court order

A double tent erected for a wedding reception in Tullamore was removed after Offaly County Council received a court order.

The wedding meeting was scheduled for tonight (Friday May 21) at a location down a cul-de-sac in the Chancery Close property.

On Thursday, preparations for the party were made and after the tents were installed, local suppliers were seen coming and going from the construction site, including a flower shop and take-away shop.

The county council moved a circuit court in Tullamore to prevent the event on Friday morning, amid concerns by some residents in the area.

Judge Keenan Johnson gave orders that the tents be removed and the Chancery Close area prevented from gathering.

Judge Johnson was told that orders would be obtained as the proposed event would violate Covid-19 regulations.

Gardai was at the construction site this afternoon and the tents were dismantled.

A Garda checkpoint was later set up at the end of Chancery Lane on Church Road, and at least one of the stopped cars had wedding guests en route to Chancery Close.

The wedding is said to have taken place in the north of the country in the afternoon.

The currently applicable Covid-19 wedding regulations stipulate that up to 50 people can take part in a wedding service. However, the maximum attendance at an outdoor reception is 15 people.

A maximum of six people can attend an indoor reception.

The Offaly wedding reception ban came just eleven days after Judge Johnson asked a number of people involved in a Longford wedding to pay compensation after a reception was held despite a court order trying to prevent it .

Judge Johnson said the actions of those involved in hosting the Longford wedding celebrations were deliberate and ran the risk of turning Longford into a Covid-19 blackspot.


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