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Porsche GT3 Racing, Supercars and… Dirt Racing? – Sports Cars365

Photo: Porsche

For the past two months, my racing plan has been hectic even for a “slow season” amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and still like every year to earn the Most Traveled Driver award.

I started the month of March in America and continued my racing season in the GTD program of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. Then between the races in the Eiffel I drove for the Nürburgring and then in Monza for GPX Racing.

It was amazing to be back on the NBR circuit in early March and when I write this again for lap 3 in May.

I hope we can actually race this time as our first lap was canceled due to heavy snowfall … typical Eiffel weather.

The morning started with blue skies and sunshine and at 10:00 o’clock it was snowing. For this season I’m with a new crew in the NBR with the Frikadelli Racing Team and my co-drivers Matt Campbell, Mathieu Jaminet and Nick Tandy.

Matt, Jam Jam and I are together for the entire season of GT World Challenge Europe. For most years I’ve only made one cameo at Spa in the championship so I’m really looking forward to a full season in one of the most competitive championships in the world.

Photo: NLS

First on the calendar was Monza. While being totally honest in an ABS car isn’t my favorite track because I scored in the chicanes and hope you stop before the apex, it was nice to work with a new team and I have Enjoyed getting to know the GPX crew.

We managed to secure a top 5 spot on the grid for the race, but that was all reversed as soon as it started to rain.

Unfortunately, we had to retreat after two successive flat tires on the left rear let us run out of moisture [wet tires]. We’ll fight back at Paul Ricard next month, but it’s already been a difficult start to the championship.

When it comes to the hobbies in the driver’s bios, I usually use races because when I don’t work on my own team in my free time, I still do crap on the track.

My partner and I had a fun weekend in Monticello earlier this month with friends racing Mazda MX5s against each other. My partner also had the opportunity to get behind the wheel and run a bit across the track.

While she’s certainly not afraid of the gas, trying to teach her where the apex has been proven to be a hit and miss clearly didn’t affect her.

However, the highlight of the entire weekend had to be driving cross-karts on a dirt road. Our sessions didn’t start well with two rollovers in the first few minutes. But racing for fun, not competitive between friends, was epic.

Photo: Earl Bamber

And if that wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I also confirmed my plans to compete in the Bathurst 1000 for Kelly Grove Racing in October, which I look forward to with great anticipation.

I love the Bathurst 1000 because it’s like our Le Mans for Kiwis and Aussies – we grow up when we see it. It is also the first opportunity for me to see my own team, the Earl Bamber Motorsport (EBM) race, since it started earlier this year.

You took part in the Porsche Carrera Cup Australia with three young Team Porsche NZ scholarship holders, and I am incredibly proud of what they have achieved in such a short time. Callum Hedge has already given the team its first race win, so we can’t wait for the next two events in the next two weeks.

Photo: Kelly Grove Racing

May seems to be another action-packed month for me, with NLS 3, NBR qualifying races, Mid-Ohio in the IMSA championship and Paul Ricard.

I also hope to get the chance to finally return to Kuala Lumpur soon.

This month has been a full year since I was back at my apartment due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions in Malaysia. I also started a cool home restoration project for one of my old racing cars, but I can’t share it all with you at once …

Earl Bamber

Earl Bamber (@EarlBamber) is a two-time 24-hour Le Mans winner, FIA WEC champion 2017 and IMSA GTLM champion 2019, who drives in Australian supercars for Porsche customer races and Kelly Grove Racing.


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