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You won’t believe how loud these souped-up cars are running around in a parking garage in London

Angry local residents are calling for an immediate halt to the noisy gatherings of young racing drivers in a West London car park fearing a serious accident could ensue.

You started a petition on following the recent incident when an estimated 15 drivers gathered for a noisy car meet in the Tesco parking lot on Cromwell Road after the superstore on the busy A4 route closed for the weekend.

Damien Chouanard, who started the petition, said the three-story parking lot had apparently been used for a car meet-up where drivers gather in loudly souped-up vehicles. He said the problem predates the pandemic and is disrupting residents on Sunday night.

You can hear the loud sound of the powerful motors spinning around the parking lot

He is calling for immediate action to stop the noise, which he says can last late into the night and be heard by residents across the area.

He suggested putting an acoustic camera nearby to monitor the noise.

“The residents of Earls Court and West Kensington are worried and tired of the noise of the very loud racing cars in the parking lot of the Tesco Superstore on Cromwell Road and Warwick Road.” he said.

“It’s something that the neighbors are starting to get frustrated about and the tension builds up.

“So far there have been no accidents, but people fear that there may be accidents,” he added.

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“It’s pretty dangerous and there’s also the noise.”

Mr. Chouanard said: “People who drive dangerously tuned cars and who intentionally make noise should be fined. Acoustic cameras should also be installed on Warwick Road. “

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said police had been called to report “a large group of cars and anti-social behavior”.

They said they distributed the cars at 10 p.m. on Sunday after the incident. (April 25).

Johnny Thalassites, city councilor responsible for traffic, said, “We are trying to get a PSPO (Public Space Protection Order) in the community so that we can use acoustic cameras to impose fines on drivers of noisy vehicles.”

He said the council needed evidence to justify the move and urged residents to contact them at

Last September, Chelsea City Council launched an acoustic camera test that could take away high-quality cars such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

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What followed was a story of complaints about the noise of luxury automobile engines spinning on Sloane Street and nearby Pont Street.

It is the first council in the country to use the acoustic cameras and move them around the district.

Between June and August last year alone, the council had 35 complaints from residents about noisy vehicles.

Harassing drivers can face fixed charges of £ 100 with fines of up to £ 2,500 and even have their vehicles confiscated.

Last August, the Metropolitan Police launched a crackdown on the London Tunnel Run car meet, which was attended by 2,000 motorists.

And in April this year, police dispersed hundreds of motorists at car meetings in the Tesco car park in Brent Cross, as well as at gatherings in Ruislip in Hillingdon and one near a power station in Nottingham.


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