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Quellhorst Farm Venue is transformed from a pigsty into a wedding venue

WAPAKONETA – Spring is in the air, and that means the wedding season can’t be too far back.

The Quellhorst Farm Venue, 07945 State Route 197, Wapakoneta hosted an open house on Sunday to give prospective brides and grooms a glimpse into the unique venue and to talk to caterers and cake vendors.

Pam Quellhorst says they are entering their fourth wedding season and their weekends are filling up quickly.

“Todd and I will be married for five years this August and he already owned the farm. The barn was sitting here with all sorts of stuff – cars, garbage, stuff like that. So he kept saying we want to get rid of that and do something with it, ”said Pam Quellhorst.

They were looking at some sort of drive-through or craft barn, but they knew a wedding venue was the ideal fit for the barn, built in 1908.

“It’s a real Sears Kit barn,” said Pam Quellhorst.

The upper floor can accommodate up to 140 people, while the reception area on the ground floor can accommodate 150 people.

It was a lot of work converting the old pigsty into a wedding venue, spending hours bleaching the wood and building a staircase to the second floor.

“I never thought it would be like that,” said Todd Quellhorst.

The barn has a kitchen, an area for the bride and her group to get ready, and an area for the groom and groomsmen to play pool while they wait.

There is also a room with all sorts of decorations for the bride and groom to choose from for their big day.

“This is our ‘somewhat borrowed’ room and all of this is included in the rent. So you can use whatever you want here, ”said Pam Quellhorst.

The venue manager-decorator is LaDonna Roys. This is her second season here.

She still gets the chills when the bride and groom see the furnishings decorated for their wedding.

“This is my heart. This is my passion. When I decorate for a wedding and see her coming in the front door, I say, ‘Oh man, I got it right,'” Roys said. “It’s very exciting to me I love it. I wouldn’t trade that for a million dollars. “

For more information on the Quellhorst Farm Venue, visit quellhorstfarmvenue.com or call 567-204-9617.

The loft at the Quellhorst Farm Venue can accommodate up to 140 guests. The owners held an open house on Sunday.

The ground floor of the Quellhorst venue offers space for 150 people.

Owners Pam and Todd Quellhorst and decorator LaDonna Roys are ready to host your wedding at the Quellhorst Farm Venue near Wapakoneta.

Contact Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.


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