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Saturday Night Takeaway wedding surprise leaves woman stunned as Ant & Dec arrange secret ceremony

A Saturday Night Takeaway audience member was left in shock when her fiancé sprung a massive wedding surprise, with some help from Ant and Dec.

Vicky Powell was sitting in the studio, along with two of her best friends, as Takeaway was allowed a crowd for the first time in two years; when the presenters said her name and then summoned her down to the stage.

Vicky, who is expecting a baby in May, thought she was just in London to have some girly time and to enjoy a pamper day but, unknown to her, she had been hoodwinked and was there for a much more important reason.

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Ant and Dec explained to viewers at home that Vicky and her fiancé had postponed their wedding three times due to the coronavirus pandemic and, to make matters worse, then lost £28,000 after their intending venue went bust.

NHS nurse Vicky thought other helped Nick was in Miami for work but that was a complete lie, as he was actually in on the whole thing and was gathered, along with friends and family in Chiswick.

He kept up the ruse of him being in Miami until the hotel backdrop behind him disappeared and a crowd of wedding guests appeared in the background.

Ant & Dec spring huge wedding surprise on oblivious Takeaway fan

As cheers sounded out round the studio and Vicky exclaimed: “What’s going on?!” Nick, who’d been pretending to be on Miami time all week to throw Vicky off the scent, got down on one knee to propose.

As Vicky clocked her parents at the venue, Ant and Dec explained that 100 of her nearest and dearest were there and that people had flown from Australia and Brazil to be there, before she was told she’d be getting to the venue – The Orangery at Chiswick House – via helicopter.

Vicky’s best friends and bridesmaids had also been plotting behind her back to make sure everything on her wedding wish list had been sorted, including a white Rolls Royce and her dress, before Ant and Dec handed her a bouquet with their faces on as the finishing touch and told her she’d be getting married live on air at the end of the show.

As they cut to Vicky around half an hour later viewers saw her reunited with her dad as she arrived at the venue and got out of the helicopter, bouquet in hand.

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