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Scrapping Program: Drivers Could Get £ 3,000 For Dropping Their Gasoline And Diesel Cars

Motorists receive mobility credits for alternative modes of transport such as buses, trains, taxis and rental cars in exchange for their vehicles. Transport for West Midlands claims the incentives will help encourage owners of heavily polluting models to drop their cars.

According to Coventry Council, driving a car is the biggest expense after paying a rent or a mortgage

The program is aimed at those looking for ways to change the way they commute after coronavirus lockdown restrictions wear off.

However, they warn that an older car can be more expensive to maintain than modern vehicles.

Councilor Jim O’Boyle, Cabinet Member for Jobs and Renewal, Coventry City Council, said the new program was a “great opportunity”.

The mobility credit program is open to people whose vehicles are more than 10 years old.

The study is funded by a £ 22 million grant for the future mobility zone provided by the Department of Transport.

Andy Street, West Midlands Mayor, said: “Alongside record investments in buses, rails, trams and new safe bike lanes and a bike rental program, we’re looking for creative solutions to our transportation problems, including trying e-scooters and on-demand bus services that are currently in Coventry are offered.

“Drivers will only leave their cars when suitable alternatives are available. That’s why we’re investing billions in public transport and active travel and testing these new innovative programs. “


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