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Snowpiercer’s Season 3 Wedding Is Wilford’s Biggest Mistake

The Loyal Wedding was more than a celebration of LJ Folger and John Osweiller’s love, it also puts LJ in a position to rule Snowpiercer one day.

Warning: SPOILERS for Snowpiercer Season 3, Episode 2 – “The Last To Go”

The Loyal Wedding in Snowpiercer season 3, episode 2 could end up being the biggest mistake Mr. Wilford (Sean Bean) makes in the long term. Snowpiercer’s passengers are divided between two trains at the start of season 3. While a handful of Melanie Cavill’s (Jennifer Connelly) believers escaped with Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) on his stolen 10-car pirate train, most remain aboard the 1,023 cars ruled by Mr. Wilford, but the 2,700 souls are freezing and starving after the billionaire Messiah eliminated the classes. Yet a few of Wilford’s favorites are thriving, specifically, newlyweds LJ Folger (Annalise Basso) and John Osweiller (Sam Otto), who now run the Nightcar.


Against all odds, Oswiller and LJ are succeeding on Snowpiercer thanks to their unlikely relationship. Lilah Jr. was a First Class passenger who was the culprit behind the grisly murders in Snowpiercer season 1, and she was banished to Third Class after her parents died after their failed coup to steal Snowpiercer from Melanie and Layton. Osweiller was a Brakeman who was sent to Janitorial after he sided against Layton in the Snowpiercer Wars. John and LJ found each other since they had no one else and a romance blossomed. Osweiller’s affection for LJ is sincere, which he proved in Snowpiercer season 2 when he sang a touching song to her at a dinner party hosted by Mr. Wilford. After Layton stole Snowpiercer’s Eternal Engine, along with Wilford’s paramour, Miss Audrey (Lena Hall), LJ and Osweiller were given the Nightcar to run. For Oz, life aboard Snowpiercer has never been better because he now has everything he ever wanted: a girl he loves, a good position on the train, and the favor of the all-powerful Mr. Wilford.

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However, giving the newlyweds John and LJ Folger-Osweiller more power aboard Snowpiercer could seriously backfire on Mr. Wilford. Lilah Jr. is one of the most conniving people on the train and not even Mr. Wilford should trust her, despite LJ’s hero-worship. To John’s dismay, Lilah Jr. is looking ahead to becoming a “power couple” on the train. And LJ is right that people keep dying on Snowpiercer and there are few young people of their generation aboard. Reading the tea leaves, LJ can predict that Layton and Wilford could end up destroying each other, which would put the Folger-Osweillers in a prime position to “rule” the train. LJ and John were king and queen for a day during the Loyal Wedding, but the devious ginger is looking to be in charge of Snowpiercer long term down the road.

LJ Osweiller Loyal Wedding

For now, LJ is loyal to Mr Wilford but she could easily turn on her benefit if the grandiose billionaire loses power on the train. Lilah Jr. has proven that she’s adaptable to the winds of change aboard Snowpiercer and she turned out to be far from helpless after she lost her First Class status. LJ and Osweiller are already in a prime power spot in Miss Audrey’s Nightcar, with more luxury and status than most of their fellow passengers. Lilah Jr. is also smart enough to bid her time and wait for the right play depending on whether or not Layton returns to Snowpiercer and how Melanie’s belief that there’s a New Eden outside of the train plays out. John may want a simple life with his redheaded bride but he knew what he was getting into when he decided LJ was his future.

There’s so much chaos on Snowpiercer that it’s easy to dismiss someone like LJ as a mere announcement but that would be a huge mistake. Lilah Jr. is a survivor and she’s far more cunning than most realize. After all, it was LJ who exposed Melanie posing as Mr. Wilford in Snowpiercer season 1, and Lilah Jr. also deduced that Alex (Rowan Blanchard) was betraying Wilford in season 2. The Loyal Wedding was LJ Folger-Osweiller’s ticket to become a greater threat to the future of snowpiercer, and she’s someone both Mr. Wilford and Andre Layton will have to contend with before it’s too late.

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Snowpiercer airs Mondays @ 9pm on TNT.

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