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Super Bowl 2022 commercials: Dr. Evil is selling GM’s electric cars now

GM CEO Mary Barra reveals the automaker’s plan to phase out internal combustion vehicles on ‘The Claman Countdown.’

General Motors is tapping into nostalgia to sell its vehicles of the future.

The cast of “Austin Powers” stars in GM’s Super Bowl ad. (GM)

The automaker is running an ad during the Super Bowl featuring Mike Meyers reprising “Austin Powers” character Dr. Evil, who finds himself in an unusual predicament after taking over GM.

His henchmen, Number Two, Frau Farbissina and Scott Evil — played by original actors Rob Lowe, Mindy Sterling and Seth Green — inform him that climate change is now the biggest threat to the planet, so he’ll have to save it with GM’s lineup of electric vehicles if he wants to get back on top.

His son, Scott, also informs him that he has a grandson, whose future Dr. Evil has his own ideas about.

GM ad

dr Evil has taken over GM and finds out he needs to save the world with its electric cars. (GM)

“With streaming, the ’80s and ’90s are having a massive resurgence now,” GM’s chief marketing officer Deborah Wahl told The Detroit Free Press. “I have a 19-year-old son, they see this and these references all the time. So I think there’s a huge familiarity.”.

The commercial follows last year’s throwback effort, which featured Edward Scissorhands’ son Edgar promoting Cadillac’s hands-free Super Cruise driving system and its upcoming electric Lyriq SUV.


the dr Evil commercial posted online is 90-seconds, but a 60-second version will air on Sunday. GM hasn’t said exactly how much it paid, but the minute-long slots are reportedly going for $6.5 million this year.


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