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The AP government nods to the purchase of sedans for use by high court judges

Amaravati, March 26 (PTI): Andhra Pradesh Supreme Court justices are getting a fleet of brand new sedans to use as state government approved the purchase of 20 Kia Carnival Premium vehicles at a price of Rs 6.30.

The state government gave permission to purchase the limousines, each valued at 31.50 lakh, late Thursday evening, within hours after the High Court’s Chancellor General wrote a letter asking the former for approval and an additional budget of 6, Rs 30 assigns.

The AP High Court currently has 19 judges, including the Chief Justice and the Chancellor General, who said the new sedans were for their use.

Despite the grave financial crisis, the government decided to make an exemption and obligate judges in the High Court case, with instructions for file release coming directly from the chief minister’s office, bureaucratic sources said.

‘Ten if not hundreds of millions of rupees in payments have stalled for lack of money and there is a general ban on buying new vehicles. Even payments of several crore rupees for the Covid-19 management are not paid for months, “emphasized a top bureaucrat.

Law and Legislative Division Secretary V Sunitha issued a sanctioning order under the heading “Administration of Justice” and requested the High Court Chancellor General to take further action on the matter. PTI DBV SS PTI PTI


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