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The BMW 3-Series Returns With A Super Widebody That Screams Confidence

Thanks to a digital artist, the classic E46 generation of the sports car gets recreated as an extrovert, gaining huge muscle in all the right places.

Custom BMW E46 render Ar.Visual_, silver, front profile closeup, dim garageVia: Instagram via Ar.Visual_

What is the most revered bmw 3 series icon? That’s subjective, but of all the generations of 3-Series German sedans, coupes and wagons, the E46 generation from the render you see above is one of the high points. Sure, it doesn’t have the same appeal of the earlier, more delicate models, but it is responsible for one of the greatest M3 cars ever.

This, along with its classic and timeless styling, means it is the kind of automotive superstar that refuses to die. Today, like a phoenix rising from the flames, the classic E46 BMW 3-Series sedan is back once again in a custom render, courtesy of digital artisan Ar.Visual_’s Instagram page.

Take a quick look with us, as we take in the plethora of crazy things that are happening here in this custom render.

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The Custom Wide-Bodied E46 BMW M3 Laughs At Skinny Tires

Of all the things going on here, the first thing we notice are the hard-to-ignore tire widths and cambers.

Renders tend to somewhat amplify the tire sizes and wheel angles for their custom cars, but the wheels on this E46 BMW 3-Series go – as Buzz Lightyear says – to infinity and beyond.

Today’s ‘Beemer’ has a widebody, with the wheels almost exclusively outside the original body, the bolt-on wheel arches sit over the racing center-lock rims and the car is low with even lower side sills and carbon fiber front splitter.

This E46 BMW M3 has cool blue LED lighting up front and, aside from the body kit and wheels, could almost pass as one of the more subdued examples of custom M3 renders out there.

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Take This Custom E46 BMW M3 For A Spin If You Are An Extrovert Only

Custom BMW E46 render Ar.Visual_ 1, silver, dark garage, front quarter viewVia: Instagram via Ar.Visual_

That is of course if you miss the four massive exhaust tubes up back and the great big wing above, the latter of which looks almost like a touring car’s aerodynamic aid.

Finishing off the render, the blue-tipped exhaust pipes and artist’s logo look tasteful, the logo in particular looks like the Rolls-Royce logo at first glance.

With E46 BMW M3 prices going northward steadily, it might be a shame to subject a clean one to everything on show here, but we can’t deny that it looks enticing. A lap around the Nürburgring in this might show up some of its wishful-thinking engineering choices, but those tires and that 3.6-liter inline-six engine would surely provide copious fun.


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