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The cheapest electric car so far? China’s new Chery QQ Ice Cream EV is available in three flavors for a cheaper price than any 2022 Kia Picanto! – Car news

Chinese brand Chery has unveiled a new all-electric model that could be the cheapest new electric vehicle yet.

The bizarrely named QQ Ice Cream is a micro hatchback aimed at bringing electric vehicles to the masses, as evidenced by its starting price of 29,900 yuan ($ A6590) in its target market of China.

Yes, the QQ Ice Cream undercuts the cheapest new vehicle sold in Australia, the Kia Picanto S micro manual hatchback, by more than $ 9,000, internal combustion engine and everything.

Of course, direct comparison of prices in different markets is difficult due to local taxes, shipping costs and other factors, but there is no doubt that QQ Ice Cream is aggressively priced.

This is especially true when you consider that the most expensive of QQ Ice Cream’s three flavors (pudding, cone, and sundae) is only 43,900 yuan ($ A9670), or about $ 6,000 less than the Picanto mentioned above.

So what do you get for the money? Well, the QQ Ice Cream has two NEDC certified driving range options, and both are modest. The “standard range” only lasts 120 km between charging processes, while the “long range” can extend 50 km further.

Unlike the five-door Picanto, the QQ Ice Cream is a three-door that leans heavily into its “cuteness”, with the latter’s basic interior being four-seated, one less than what the former offers.


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