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The classic wedding car for sale on Olx is attracting attention; Read details

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “wedding”? No, “divorce” is not the correct answer. “Food” is for most people. Jewelry, gifts, wedding dress and makeup, drinks, loud music, and fake laughs are the other common things that come to mind when looking at a wedding invitation. Motorcycles, cars and parking problems come to me.

Today’s story isn’t really for car and bicycle enthusiasts, however. It’s for those who at some point forced Dave Ramsey to say, “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t need, to impress people we don’t like.”

Replace “buy” with “rent / borrow” and Ramsey’s statement would still be true. Conversely, it also applies to “each one’s own”. With that in mind, this snippet will inform a certain section of society that their dream of being driven in a “classic looking” car (as opposed to a true classic) on their wedding day is not impossible to achieve thanks to a Few specialists for “wedding cars” make replicas of classic cars and classic cars that are specially used for wedding processions. Most of these cars could give purists a heart attack, but the majority might mistake them for real numbers. And that’s good news for those considering tossing rice at such a car or tying tin cans to the rear bumper.

A classic replica car used as a wedding carS $

If you search for “wedding cars” on OLX, you will come across hundreds of ads for such cars. One such ad caught my attention and it took me no more than five minutes to realize that the seller has more than 25 copies for sale. In fact, in the next few minutes, I could find out that he specializes in making these cars – his ad descriptions mention that custom designs are also maintained.

The descriptions also state that these cars are built on Maruti Suzuki Gypsy chassis and the body panels are carved from 18 and 20 gauge mild steel. A restored MPFI Euro 2 engine (they didn’t specify which one; however, it is most likely the 1.3L unit of the Gypsy), a “new suspension kit” (again not specified which one, but most likely an outdated rudimentary one) Structure), 2K paint and a new battery complete the description of the display.

Classic car replica

A replica of a classic carS $

Most importantly, however, the seller claims these cars come with valid documents including insurance and NOC. I would recommend bringing copies of all documents to your RTO along with the photos of the vehicle and checking with them to see if they can be registered. Chances are you’ll be disappointed. And saved.

But what if you convince the seller to rent it out to you for a day? You can do that. Negotiate hard about the rent and the deposit and try to include the following two terms in the agreement:

1) If it breaks on the way (or even while at a standstill) just leave it there and take a taxi. It is not your responsibility to send it back. You’ll also need a full refund, taxi fare, and inconvenience and embarrassment charges.

2) If the bride’s father turns out to be a car guy (better check this first) and cancel the wedding because you showed up in an atrocity on behalf of a classic car, it is the car owner’s responsibility to give you too find game. Again, you are eligible for a full refund, a taxi fare (this time for the ride home), and inconvenience and embarrassment charges.

A replica of a classic car

A replica of a classic carS $

Or you can save yourself all the hassle and buy / rent a real jeep for your special day. Any flat fender would do it. The best part is that you can find a real and clean example for less than half the price of the devices shown above. If the road to happiness (read: “wedding location”) is filled with mud and furrows during this rainy season, the 4×4 modes (4H and 4L) will make sure you can make it. However, if you have some limitations and you can’t really buy or rent these, you can borrow mine (picture below) for a day. Think of it as your wedding gift.

No, I am not selling it. Also carry umbrellas.

Willys Jeep CJ-3B

Own car 1966 Willys Jeep CJ-3BSyed Shiraz


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