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The Herefordshire couple are officially allowed to marry one year after the wedding

The couple Sandra Winnicka and Bruce Havard from HEREFORDSHIRE finally tied the knot on the first anniversary of an unofficial wedding ceremony for their five-year-old daughter.

“We had planned the original wedding in my hometown Inowroclaw, Poland,” said Sandra.

“I was born there and half of our guests were family and friends who had booked flights to join us from the UK for a few days.”

The church was booked, the place of reception booked and paid for, and absolutely everything else was there – flowers, cars, honeymoon sorted and hotel rooms for the majority of the 90 invited guests who wanted to stay overnight.


Sandra’s wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, and Bruce suit were all in Poland.

As the coronavirus pandemic escalated, Poland closed its borders, forcing the couple to change their plans and succeeding in getting a last-minute spot at the Hereford registry office, which was lifted days later when the lockdown went into effect has been.

At the same time, government regulations forced the couple’s business, the Pantry Restaurant at Oakchurch Farm Shop in Staunton-on-Wye, to close temporarily.

Last April, the couple downloaded the wording for the wedding ceremony from the internet and went on: Five-year-old daughter Liliana led an unofficial church service and three-year-old daughter Nadia gave Sandra away.

The couple finally got married on Saturday, April 17th at the Hereford registry office. Sandra’s family followed the ceremony live online in Poland.

“It was another absolutely magical and unforgettable day,” said Sandra.

“I was happy that my mother was able to give me her blessing even when it was online.”


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