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The Outdated Wedding Traditions We Need To Get Rid Of.

After two and a half years of wedding planning, I can confidently say that I’ve turned into a wedding grin.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to getting married and celebrating with our family and friends on this day. Especially after a few hiccups due to the whole COVID-19 situation.

But after more than two years of planning and preparation, I came to a conclusion:

Wedding traditions are complete and utter bull ** t.

Can you wear white to a wedding? We are discussing. The article continues below.

When the wedding planning process began for us, it quickly became clear that weddings are often about a) impressing your guests and b) following decades of outdated traditions.

You see, people have a lot of expectations of weddings. Expect a big white dress, fancy cars, and a million pre-wedding events. You want to know something about your “something old, something new” and expect a certain sequence of events.

And if you discard these trends, some people don’t like it.

For our wedding, we decided to abandon a number of wedding traditions, including the kitchen tea, bouquet and garter throw, and the elaborate entrance to the wedding reception. And apparently we’re not the only ones.

We asked 24 women to share the wedding tradition they believe should go.

From the first dance to the “giving away” they had the following to say:

Throw the bouquet.

“I didn’t throw a bouquet because most of my friends were partners and it’s an embarrassing tradition. I also wanted to keep my flowers, they cost a lot! I gave them to my mother.” – Lisa.

Throw the garter.

“We dropped the garter because I honestly think it’s bizarre and embarrassing.” – Emily.

“My daughter refused to do the garter toss. Her response was that she didn’t want her husband to go under her dress in front of her grandparents and then toss it to her friends.” – Shannon.


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