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The Punjab Minister’s wedding procession includes a police protocol, men on horses

  • Punjab Minister Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmads Barat receives police protocol
  • A performance by Arif Lohar was seen in the minister’s mehndi ceremony the day before
  • Video clips showing his wedding procession are going viral on social media

The wedding of the Punjab Minister of Excise, Tax and Narcotics Control, Hafiz Mumtaz Ahmad, was an extravagant affair with men on horses and several police cars producing the minutes for the minister’s barat.

A video from the minister’s wedding event has gone viral online showing his wedding procession surrounded by police vehicles and men on horses.

The minister’s heavily decorated car can be seen in the video, surrounded by masked police officers carrying guns as the sounds of celebratory drumming fill the air.

Ahmad’s wedding was also a photo shoot at a historic location in Lahore, according to images widely on social media.

Folk singer Arif Lohar performed at the minister’s mehndi ceremony and sang his famous song Jugni. A video of Punjab Minister Fayyaz Chohan enjoying the performance has also gone viral on the internet.


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