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The wrong car in East Devon was recovered by police after an accident

Officials released a brief update after a vehicle landed upside down in an East Devon lane last night.

DevonLive reported yesterday that police were called after a silver Volkswagen was seen with its tires in the air and debris on the ground on its head.

Although it is not yet known how the car ended up upside down, it was assumed that no one was injured as a result of the incident as officers lit the scene.

Officials from the Devon Road Police Team and Cornwall Police shared two photos of the incident on Twitter, joking, “Well I’m sure the salvage driver will have fun figuring this out !!”

Another tweet from the team, which includes a picture of the area near the incident, reads, “On the plus side, I can at least enjoy the view while I’ve recovered.

In a new tweet, the officers shared three more photos of the vehicle that was still on the roof and was recovered.

“Well, if it wasn’t a write-off before it is now! Owch !!” They said.

Police were called to Combpyne, Axminster, after a vehicle crashed on the roof against a hedge

Police have now confirmed that the incident took place in Combpyne, Axminster.

Speaking to DevonLive on Sunday morning, the Force Incident Manager (FIM) informed the Devon and Cornwall Police that the road had been opened and the vehicle had now been recovered.

The wrong car was not the only dramatic incident reported in Devon yesterday.

In other parts of the district, an accident involving several vehicles on the A30 has led to traffic slaughter. Some drivers even got out of their cars to survey the scene.

At around 5.15pm on Saturday, traffic and travel intelligence Inrix reported a multiple vehicle incident between the B3260 Exeter Road (Okehampton Services, Okehampton) and the A382 (Whiddon Down, Whiddon Down).

It is believed that “several vehicles” collided, with “at least one” reaching the central reserve. You can find a summary of our live coverage on our blog.

Video footage shows several crumpled vehicles, but it is unclear whether anyone was injured.

Police said they had no record of the incident and could not provide any information to the public. Please see a previous article for more information on this incident.

DevonLive believes that parts of the road were blocked for up to three hours and that several emergency vehicles responded to the scene and detours were set up.


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