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The US must work with allies to secure the metals of electric vehicles – White House

FILE PHOTO: General Motors assembly workers connect a battery pack underneath a partially assembled 2018 Chevrolet Bolt EV vehicle at the Orion assembly line in Lake Orion, Michigan, March 19, 2018. REUTERS / Rebecca Cook / File Photo / File Photo

The United States must work with allies to secure the minerals needed for electric vehicle batteries and process them domestically for environmental and other competing interests, the White House said Tuesday.

First released by Reuters in late May, the strategy includes new funds to expand international investment in metal electric vehicle (EV) projects through the US Development Finance Corporation, as well as new efforts to increase the supply of recycled batteries.

President Joe Biden’s administration will also set up a task force to find out where minerals used in EV batteries and other technologies can be produced and processed domestically. It was not immediately clear what this meant for existing EV mineral projects.

Securing enough copper, lithium, and other raw materials to manufacture EV batteries is a major obstacle to Biden’s aggressive plans to introduce EVs as domestic mines face extensive regulatory hurdles and environmental resistance.

The White House recognized China’s role as the world’s largest processor of EV metals and said it would step up efforts to reduce that dependency.

“To ensure a reliable and sustainable supply of critical minerals and materials, the United States must work with allies and partners to diversify supply chains away from opposing nations and sources with unacceptable environmental and labor standards,” said a statement.

The White House also said the Home Office and other agencies will work to identify loopholes in mine licensing laws to ensure that any new production has “strong standards” in both environmental and contribution terms Community equals.

Steps come after Biden, who has made fighting climate change and competition with China a core item on his agenda, ordered a 100-day review of supply chain gaps in key areas, including electric vehicles.

Democrats are pushing for aggressive climate targets to have the majority of U.S.-made cars by 2030 and every car on the roads electric by 2040.

As part of recommendations from four law enforcement agencies, Biden is advised to take steps to restore the country’s strategic mineral reserves and expand funding to map the mineral resources available domestically.

Some of these moves would require support from Congress, where Biden’s Democrats have narrow majorities.

The Department of Energy already has $ 17 billion through its advanced technology vehicle loan program to fund some investments.

The program’s administrators will focus on funding battery manufacturers and companies that refine, recycle and process critical minerals, the White House said.

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