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This is how many Brits would switch to an electric car, according to a new study

44% of Brits would make the switch to an electric car, new research has revealed.

The study by car leasing comparison site analyzed a late 2021 ONS survey which quizzed people in the UK on their thoughts on electric cars and making the switch over to alternative fuels.

It found that 44% of Brits would switch to an all-electric vehicle in the next ten years, with 22% saying they were very likely to. In contrast 29% said they were unlikely to, with 14% saying they were very unlikely to. 54% of those aged 30 to 49 said they were likely to make the switch, making them the age group most interested in electric vehicles.

Only 28% of those aged 70+ said they would make the switch to electric. Londoners responded the most positively, with 50% saying they were likely to switch to electric. People in the East Midlands were some of the most unlikely to, with only 34% saying they would consider the idea.

Although it seems many people are open to the idea of ​​owning an all-electric vehicle, many would not make the switch for a long time. Only 3% of people would make the switch in less than one year, 11% said they expect to in 1 to 2 years, 27% said 3 to 4, and a whopping 42% said it would take five years or more to start driving electrical.

For those who own a motor vehicle that is not electric:

How likely or unlikely are you to switch to an all-electric vehicle in the next ten years?


Very likely


Fairly likely


Neither likely nor unlikely


Fairly unlikely


Very unlikely


Of those who said they were unlikely to buy an electric vehicle any time soon, the top reason they were not doing so was cost, with 70% of respondents saying so. 52% said another reason was a lack of infrastructure, in this case, the availability of charging points, which would put them off buying electric. 18% also mentioned the reliability of electric vehicles as a reason.


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