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Three Mercedes-AMG Black Series Supercars Join Forces In Dubai

Solarbeam yellow is the new gray as Shmee150 gives his AMG GT Black Series a special wrap before joining two other AMG Black Series in the desert.

AMG Black Series in Solarbeam in the Dubai desertVia Shmee150 on Instagram

The Black Series is the unorthodox, the untamed and the ultimate in the world of Mercedes-AMG. AMG cars already represent power and performance among Mercedes Benz cars, and the Black Series takes them to incomparable levels. Three of them together in one picture is already a scene, but three Black Series cars — one belonging to YouTuber Shmee150 — wrapped in the same finish is awesomeness exemplified.

Shmee150 Loving The Supercars Of Dubai

Shmee150, aka Tim Burton, in real life — was again back in Dubai, where supercars and hypercars are a common sight. He has been a regular visitor to the Middle Eastern city, which has become one of his favorite places to go because of its automotive culture. In fact, he has been visiting and featuring Dubai since he started his YouTube channel more than a decade ago.

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In some of those countless visits, Shmee150 came across with some rare Black Series models in the world, including the AMG SLS Black Series of The Space DXB and the AMG C63 Black Series of Mohamed Faisal. If the name “The Space DXB” sounds familiar, it’s because Shmee150 had featured this private venue, which takes pride of place in a huge supercar display that includes Bugatti Divos, McLaren Elvas, LaFerrari Aperta and Rolls-Royces.

Shmee150 Repaints His GT Black Series To AMG Solarbeam

The YouTuber admitted that the AMG Solarbeam-finished SLS Black Series and C63 Black Series (both factory-finished) were what prompted re-spray his GT Black Series in the same hue. When he purchased his GT Black Series in 2021, he wanted it factory-finished in AMG Solarbeam. But to his dismay, the finish was no longer available from the factory. So, Shmee150 took delivery of a GT Black Series in Graphite Gray Magno.

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Nonetheless, Shmee150 went to Chartwell for a full re-spray of his GT Black Series to AMG Solarbeam. He noted that this finish was identical to the SLS Black Series, but very slightly differed with the C63 Black Series. Pointing out that Chartwell did offer two AMG Solarbeam options, Shmee150 presumed that AMG slightly updated the color for the SLS Black Series (C63 Black Series arrived first).

A Reunion Of Black Series Models In AMG Solarbeam

Shmee150 drove his GT Black Series — now boasting 847 hp of output (up from stock 775 hp) — to the deserts of Dubai to meet with its AMG Solarbeam brethren, the SLS Black Series and the C63 Black Series. The AMG Black Series trio look spectacular in AMG Solarbeam, especially with the iconic yellow desert and sunset on the background.

Source: Shmee150 on YouTube

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Nurburgring front

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