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Toyota introduces 11 new electric car concepts

Toyota has unveiled eleven new fully electric concept vehicles that provide an outlook on the brand’s future strategy in the field of electric vehicles.

The new concepts announced by the company’s CEO Akio Toyoda include four models in the bZ series that preview more affordable production cars that will eventually join the company’s lineup alongside the previously announced bZ4X SUV.

This includes a compact SUV from bZ with a sleek roofline that draws parallels to the company’s existing hybrid SUV C-HR and reinvents it for the electric age.

A small bZ crossover prototype joined on stage, which looks like an EV version of the brand’s recently introduced Aygo X crossover and has, but retains, similar styling elements such as the chunky, black-clad wheel arches and the increased ride height typically compact city car proportions.

Toyoda said the bZ small crossover would target the European and Japanese markets and aim for a power consumption of five miles per kWh, commenting, “The more batteries you add to increase range, the bigger, heavier and more expensive one Vehicle will. Since this SUV is a small vehicle, we need to be thorough and very specific about something. And that is energy efficiency. “

This will be the next model to hit Toyota’s bZ range and could make its debut in production form next year.

In addition, there is a bZ mid-range sedan, the only “low” car in the company’s four-person product range, while a large SUV concept from bZ, available with three rows of seats, rounds off the new Toyota models from the bZ brand.

Toyoda has not outlined technical information or other intended specifications for any of the concepts, but said that Toyota plans to deliver “EVs for All” and that “the future is far from far; most of them will hit the market in the next few years, “as the manufacturer will sell 3.5 million electric cars worldwide by 2030.

“We’re talking about a significant volume here,” said Toyoda. “We have to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible as quickly as possible.”

To support this, Toyota will expand its EV lineup beyond its bZ range and announce that it will partner with sister brand Lexus to offer 30 BEVs in the passenger and commercial vehicle segments worldwide by 2030, with the company’s investment in EVs at around £ 13.3 billion.

The brand presented further electrical concepts – “the various BEVs” – including a pick-up truck that is reminiscent of the current Hilux, an electric SUV that looks like a mixture of a modern interpretation of the brand’s FJ Cruiser and a low, aggressive-looking sports car looks like a car, two other SUVs (a compact crossover), a compact urban mobility concept and a last-mile delivery vehicle called the e-Palete.

Sister manufacturer Lexus also unveiled a sports car concept outlined by Toyoda that aimed at a low time of 0 to 100 km / h and a range of over 700 km (435 miles) similarly.

However, as a flagship model inspired by the Lexus LFA, it is likely that the Lexus sports car concept will offer more power and performance than the Toyota, which is more focused on affordable performance.

Toyoda’s future electric vehicles will be broken down into what Toyoda calls CO2-reducing or CO2-neutral vehicles, with Toyoda emphasizing the importance of the energy that will power its future models. The brand aims to be completely CO2 neutral by 2035.

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