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Unplugged Tesla Model S Plaid leaves supercars in the dust

Imagine you are on the Laguna Seca Raceway. You can hear the internal combustion engines roar as the fastest cars take the corner and now accelerate to reach their top speed and overtake anything in their way. But it’s a nearly silent four-door sedan that leads the field and shows no signs of disappointment. That’s the feat of Tesla’s Model S plaid, upgraded to its maximum capability. No imagination necessary, this is the reality and the future of the automobile.

After many delays and tweets from Elon Musk that dashed hopes for a refreshed Model S, Tesla posted on the 10th, with a retail price of $ 129,990, Plaid could seem like a huge step up from the regular Model S.

But Plaid is not a normal limousine. Its range is estimated to be around 390 miles, pretty much comparable to the Model S and decent for an electric vehicle. The plaid can accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 1.99 seconds and cover a quarter mile (0.4 km) in less than ten seconds.

But if that wasn’t enough Unplugged performance, Tesla’s neighbor in Fremont and on a mission to maximize the performance of all Tesla vehicles, modified the plaid and tested it against other supercars at Laguna Seca. Not connected put famous racing driver Randy Pobst in the driver’s seat of a driverless car and the results will be visible to all.

In his modified plaid, Pobst overtook the super sports cars Porsche 991 GT3, McLaren Senna and McLaren P1 like normal cars on a motorway. Social media viewers couldn’t believe what their eyes were seeing. Not connected rightly coined “Alien Technology” with this upgrade, especially for those who don’t want to believe that the multi-million dollar supercars can now be seen in the rearview mirror of a Model S Plaid.

That was the idea behind the plaid. As Musk repeated at the event, “Sustainable energy cars can be the fastest cars, the safest cars, and the greatest cars in every way.”

In addition, Plaid has a novel infotainment system that is powered by a chip with 10 teraflops of computing power. As one YouTube commenter put it, “After the race, you can play cyberpunk and chill in the car.”

Although deliveries have been delayed in the past, Tesla is confident that the Model S Plaid will soon become the fastest production car of all time. So even if you haven’t ordered it yet, you will be able to get your hands on the plaid very soon.


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