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Volkswagen electric cars: adaptability for everyday travel and simplicity

It’s no secret that electric cars are the real future of daily transport. Recently, many car manufacturers are focusing more and more on the production of EVs. The Volkswagen manufacturer is no exception, whose electric cars have been seen on the streets more and more. The new Volkswagen ID series is extremely popular all over the world, not only because of the decent quality cars but also because of the opportunity to drive a new and technologically advanced car for less money.

Compact, and suitable for daily travel

Volkswagen’s most popular electric car is the Volkswagen ID3. This compact electric car is suitable for daily trips. Unlike most other compact electric cars, the ID3 can even have several different batteries with different capacities. Although most of them have batteries with a capacity of 45 kWh, the manufacturer also gives the option of choosing batteries with a capacity of 73 kWh. Thanks to a larger battery, the car can travel a much longer distance – about 550 km. The larger battery takes just 7 hours to fully charge using a standard 11kw charger.

Despite the fact that the Volkswagen ID3 is considered a cheaper choice of the electric vehicle, it still uses original and manufacturer-approved vw parts. This allows for maintenance of the quality, and durability of the car even in the most difficult driving conditions.

Family-friendly EV

Another popular electric Volkswagen model is – the ID4. This car is slightly larger and for this reason, is often considered a small SUV. Despite the larger body, it is still more suitable for regular city and intercity trips. A larger car body also results in a wider interior. For this reason, this model is much more suitable for family trips. Although the ID4 car is slightly larger, it does not mean that its driving distance is shorter. Due to the greater weight of the body, it is equipped with a slightly larger battery, which allows it to cover practically the same distance as the small ID3 – about 550 km.

When it comes to the design of these cars, it is safe to say that they are nothing special when compared to other players in the electric car market. This means that both the ID3 and ID4 are manufactured to the usual standards of modern car design. This allows them to become ordinary cars, designed to successfully reach the desired destination every day and not be talked about by the surrounding drivers.

Additional features

Despite the fact that the cars manufactured by Volkswagen are cheap, their better equipment can have a positive impact on the comfort of travel. The better-equipped ID4 model has practically all the features, which can be found in even more luxurious cars. For example, parking assistance, automatic sign recognition, blind spot monitoring, line control, and much more. All of these features allow the new Volkswagen electric cars to provide the best possible experience and excellent quality.


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