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Wedding party dance in the street!

It could be a scene from a Richard Curtis movie where neighbors dance in the street and passers-by join in the fun.

Dominic and Annabell Higgins’ wedding on Saturday brought joy and laughter to Danbury Street, Angel as their humble congregation organically grew into something larger.

After taking their vows and saying “I do,” the two walked down the street and enjoyed lunch at the Duke of Cambridge pub.

Ms. Higgins said: “There were young fellows across from the Duke in the apartments right in front of us who stuck their heads out the window and said, ‘Oh my god, you just got married, congratulations’!

“You started playing music and that’s where it all started. We had no expectations that it could be such a thing. That it happened so naturally and organically was just the best. I hadn’t danced with friends in a long time.

“People rode their bikes down the street and rang their bells. A couple of cars stopped and rolled down the windows to congratulate them.

“There were some people who stopped and started dancing with us.”

Mr. Higgins said, “A lovely couple stopped us and gave us a bottle of champagne and we had never met them before. You were really nice, it was great. “

Suzy Fogg was walking home after the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccination when she noticed the impromptu street party.

She said, “They were all gathered in the street and there wasn’t a lot of traffic and it was wonderful. It showed how quiet the streets were.

“They should be – funny, playful, safe.”

St. Peter’s Ward is the first of seven low-traffic neighborhoods (LTNs) introduced into the ward.

The mid-trial monitoring report in March found that Wharf Road cycling increased 51 percent. In smaller streets in St. Peter, traffic fell by 57 percent.

“Even people walking along stopped,” said Ms. Fogg. “There were around 15 to 20 who stopped. I hadn’t seen anyone dressed in a while, and I didn’t know anyone at the party, but it was just so, so funny. “

The couple had already canceled two wedding dates last year after originally planning to return to Australia, where they come from, to celebrate with family.

But after various bans and postponements, they decided to get married at St. James’s Church on Prebend Street.

The couple, who have been together for 12 years, previously lived on Essex Road and Canalside Square.

Ms. Higgins said, “We wanted a church wedding, so I called Father John and he adjusted us.”


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