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Who dies in Emmerdale’s crash tragedy? Fans predict an “obvious” fourth victim in the wedding day crash

At least one Emmerdale resident will come to an end as tragedy strikes the village.

Mandy Dingle and Paul Ashdale’s wedding is struck by a disaster. Viewers already know that a number of characters will fight for their lives.

In the last Flashforward it was revealed that Paul, Liv Flaherty and Jimmy King are in mortal danger after Jimmy lost control of his truck and ran into farm buildings where Mandy and Paul’s wedding took place.

The ITV soap plays out a series of flashforwards as the truth of events is slowly revealed.

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But fans were appalled when the three hospital beds were revealed and Paul, Live and Jimmy were covered in cuts and bruises as they lay in their hospital beds.

Mandy, Aaron Dingle, and Nicola King watch their loved ones risk losing their lives.

But one person who is missing from the Flashforward scenes is Vinny.

Viewers know that the young lad suffered in silence after he was hospitalized after being flogged by his father.

Jimmy loses control of his truck

Ex-girlfriend Liv believes it has something to do with Paul and has enlisted Aaron’s help to uncover the truth.

But could Vinny be another victim of the doomed wedding?

Reece Dinsdale, who plays Paul, accidentally revealed that a fourth character is at risk this morning earlier this week and a fourth hospital bed will be revealed by the end of the week.

And we’re not the only ones thinking about it.

“Think Vinnie is going to die #Emmerdale,” suggested one.

Fans think Vinny will be the fourth victim

Another said, “I have a feeling Vinny will be the 4th victim. He’s already recovering from his injuries after he last hit him. Then when Paul stomps on him he’s probably bleeding internally or something #Emmerdale. “

“It is obvious that Vinny will die from his #emmerdale injuries,” added a third.

A fourth said, “If Jimmy, Liv or Vinny die, it will be heartbreaking. I still think it will be Vinny, although sadly #emmerdale.”

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