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Worcester paramedics finally tie the knot at a fairytale snow wedding

A PARAMEDIC couple finally tied the knot in the brisk December snow after the coronavirus forced them to cancel their wedding four times.

Rob Stewart (30) and Bethany Griffin (25) got engaged in 2018 and wanted to get married last year – but had to accept four rejections.

The couple ended up saying “I do” at the Worcester Guildhall just days before a third national ban was announced.

Bethany said, “We were lucky. We were expecting a third lockdown and wanted to get the wedding as close to Christmas as possible. We became husband and wife on the 28th. It went so well. It was very nice and suited us perfectly.

“The snow just made it more special and exciting in a way, and made it very interesting to go through in a wedding dress.

“It’s so nice to know that we managed to get where we want to be and to end the year at a peak is just a nice feeling. However, I feel so sorry for couples who have had to cancel and the wedding industry that is struggling. ”

Ian Griffin of Worcestershire Wedding Cars offered the couple a free car for the special day after reading their bouts on the Worcester News.

Beth added, “It was so nice and lovable of you. Rob and I wouldn’t have booked something like this for us to save money, so it was just a perfect treat and the icing on the cake. It just made everything a lot more magical and it’s definitely not every day you drive around in a Rolls Royce. The car definitely attracted some attention, some of my neighbors spotted it so they came out to wave me off, which was so moving and beautiful to see.

“The church has been so supportive and loving that it was quite overwhelming that day to see how many people went out of their way to see us get married. We’d like to thank Wayland’s Yard for holding our reception and the Guildhall for letting us get married. Both venues were opened especially for us. ”

Rob and Bethany only had one day off before returning to the front lines for the West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Bethany said, “We were supposed to go to Antigua for two weeks to relax, but it was definitely the opposite!

“It was difficult to stay motivated and keep the mood up, especially since, like so many others, we cannot book or plan a vacation to relax.

“I think our biggest challenge is taking care of ourselves well enough that we can take care of others.”


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