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A wave of 600 Fiat 500 Electric cars heading for ONTO to try instead of buy

Onto has 600 new electric 500s from Fiat

Fiat has partnered with Onto, the electric car subscription service, with 600 electric Fiat 500s to try instead of buy.

There is no doubt that electric car sales are booming, but plenty of those new EV sales are down to businesses snapping them up to provide them to employees with, currently, hardly any tax cost.

But real people who use their own money to buy cars are put off by the price of EVs, the patchy, and often unreliable, charging network and the nagging doubt that EV technology advancement in the next few years – like solid-state batteries – will render their shiny new EV old hat.

So if you want to dip your toe in to EV waters without a big commitment, what to do?

Well, one solution, is to use an electric car subscription service like Onto, which bundles the car and all its costs up to a single monthly payment with no obligation to keep going.

Now, Fiat has partnered with Onto to deliver 600 electric Fiat 500s to the Onto fleet of subscription EVs, giving an added option for EV newbies to try, although it’ll cost you over £500 a month for the privilege.

Greg Taylor, Fiat and Abarth UK MD, said:

We’re delighted with this significant fleet partnership with Onto will take our New 500 to an audience contemplating the switch to electric. Finding new routes to market such as the subscription environment underpins Fiat’s overall fleet strategy to provide customers with affordable and sustainable mobility.


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