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According to married women, there are 5 ways to cut wedding costs.

When you get married, there is likely something you really, badly want for your wedding day.

Whether this is your dream designer dress or the perfect outdoor space, these things cost the most. And if they are important to you, they are completely justified.

To keep your stress levels down and keep your bank account happy, you need to consider what other details are worth the money and which ones to leave behind.

Observe: Royal wedding guests do and don’t do. The article continues below.

We asked married (and divorced) women to share the details that turned out to be unnecessary for them and only added additional costs.

If you get married, here are five things not to waste your money on – according to women who’ve been there.

1. Transportation.

“Don’t bother with transportation for the bridal shower. I’m not into cars, so I didn’t care. Besides, the guests didn’t see us arrive and we didn’t go until the end of the night anyway.” – Hannah.

“A wedding car – they cost $ 350. I ordered an Uber Deluxe and it cost me $ 35.” – Nicolle.

“Cars. Just borrow nice cars from rich friends.” – Laura.

“Cars are definitely overpriced! We drove to our wedding party ourselves.” – Madeline.


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