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What exactly is preventing EV buyers from switching to EV? – Car dealer magazine

Electric car purchases could be charged by automakers and dealerships if they help resolve a number of issues that are discouraging customers from making the switch.

TLA, a consumer lead generation specialist with years of experience delivering leads to car buyers to dealers and manufacturers, has conducted extensive research following a series of consumer interviews.

The white paper, which can be downloaded exclusively from the car dealer below, provides details on the “drivers, barriers and hooks” for owning an electric car.

Interest in electric cars has grown significantly since the government announced that it would ban the sale of internal combustion engine models from 2030.

However, some car buyers are still hesitant to switch to an all-electric alternative.

This 11-page white paper provides insights after hours of interviews with switchers, non-switchers, and EV owners.

Respondents were screened prior to the investigation to ensure that no family member was involved in the auto industry. Your research process lasted more than 10 hours and took place over the past six months.

Find out what drives car buyers to make the EV switch in our exclusive white paper

In this downloadable research report, you will learn:

  • Barriers: What are the friction points preventing consumers from buying an electric vehicle?
  • Hook: Which is what drives consumers to finally switch to an electric vehicle
  • Driver: What actually brings consumers to an electric vehicle?

The white paper explains why the dealership experience is critical and how dealership staff can better prepare to deal with customers who are traveling with electric vehicles.

It will also help you understand the things that customers are primarily interested in electric vehicles – and how you can get the most of them to make EV sales a success.

You’ll also be able to understand what these car buyers needed to know to finally take the plunge before switching.

Topics covered in the White Paper also include:

  • What ultimately attracted EV buyers?
  • The main selling points of electric vehicles in the eyes of consumers
  • Important learning points for car dealers from the interviews
  • How car dealers can use the insights to sell more electric vehicles

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