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These 5-way sedans combine luxury with outrage

The definition of a “limousine” is a rental vehicle with a driver, which is often used as a symbol of wealth and exclusivity.

The stretched wheelbase offers a lot more space inside, despite the obvious impairment of maneuverability. However, the point of a limousine is not sensitivity, but excess! And the more people you can squeeze in, the better.

At the other end of the spectrum for wealth and exclusivity is the mythical flying car – or, if you’re Dan Harris, the airplane. However, he combined the two concepts into one and built this crazy, bright red “Learmousine” for the auto show racetrack, which turned many heads and raised eyebrows.

There aren’t many things less sensible – and completely outrageous – than this. But the upcoming sale of the limo jet at Mecum Auctions also got us thinking – what are some of the wildest sedans in the world?

Well here they are. Here are the five wildest sedans.

Stretch 1989 Batmobile

Who doesn’t love Batman? He’s a masked millionaire fighting crime! With all your friends in tow, you too can fight crime with this sedan, modeled after the 1989 Batmobile.

The Ride of the Stretched Superhero was built in 2012 and features almost all of the same devices as the car in the film. Yes, the Bat sedan has jet engines and rocket launchers, but not a word on a grappling hook to get around corners.

This is also the most expensive sedan ever built, at a cost of $ 4.2 million to build. Underneath all the bat parts, however, there is a humble Corvette.

The American dream

American Dream is a wacky sedan created by auto customizer Jay Ohrberg, who is also known for bringing show cars like General Lee, Knight Riders KITT, the Back to the Future DeLorean, and the Ford Gran Torino by Starsky and Hutch to life to awaken.

The American dream is the ultimate expression of excess in the form of a vehicle. It holds the record for the longest car in the world at 100 feet in length and even has a helipad in the back, because why shouldn’t it? You can’t have an American dream without a helicopter!

The vehicle started out as a 1970s Cadillac, although there isn’t much left of it except for the fascia. Full 26 wheels move the thing and a hinge in the middle of the body makes it easier to maneuver.

Midnight Rider Limo

A party on the back of a semi-trailer doesn’t sound that glamorous – unless that trailer is the Midnight Rider. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Midnight Rider is the heaviest sedan ever built at 25 tons. It was modeled on Pullman wagons from the 1870s and features expensive wood grain and polished brass.

While most limousines come with a small mini fridge with champagne and other drinks, Midnight Rider cuts a fine figure with two real bartenders and a hostess.

Charter Midnight Rider costs a whopping $ 1,000 an hour, but when you split that among the 40 people it can carry, the price could be perfectly reasonable. The limo can be rented to travel from anywhere in the US. So book them for your next Vegas trip.

The beast

When you’re the President of the United States, luxury isn’t a number one priority when you travel – safety is. Enter “The Beast,” an armored Cadillac sedan built on a GMC truck chassis. The beast weighs between 15,000 and 20,000 pounds and has eight inch thick bulletproof doors.

The name was given to the vehicle by George W. Bush in 2001 and it has been retained through subsequent generations. Other peculiarities are business of the President’s blood group; Night vision; Runflat tires; and hermetically sealed doors. Just like James Bond, it also features oil spill and smoke control technology.

The Beast is certainly a big step for The Don, who, before becoming the leader of the strangest country in the world, drove around in a Cadillac sedan for his reality TV show The Apprentice in 1989. In stark contrast to The Beast, the 1989 model does not have everything bulletproof, but rather gold keys and a number of wooden applications that are plastered throughout the interior.

Mini XXL

You wouldn’t think a MINI would be the best choice for transforming yourself into a luxurious people mover, but BMW thinks a little bit differently than you do, of course. The crazy XXL was built by BMW to attract attention for the then new retro MINI. The MINI XXL was an oxymoron in every respect and had six wheels and space for five in the rear. It even had a hot tub in the back for the ultimate in luxury – full warning, but don’t soak and drive.

Unlike other sedans, the MINI XXL also featured some engine upgrades, including a supercharger, improved manifolds, a free-flowing exhaust system, and a few other improvements to bring the engine to 200 hp.


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