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Boon Lay attack: Groom’s wedding marred by assault on friends after returning from temple ceremony

A manhunt operation was initiated to track down the two men involved in the attack.

“Preliminary investigations revealed that the duo involved are known to the two victims,” ​​the police said in their statement.

When asked, Mr Emmanuel said that he did not know why the perpetrators had attacked his friends.

“The only thing I keep thinking is, ‘Why did this have to be on my wedding day?’ My friends came for my wedding and everything was good throughout the day.

“But when we came home, this thing happened. I really can’t digest it.”

The first victim, whom he attended to, underwent an operation while the second is now in intensive care, he added.

He is visiting them for the first time on Thursday since the attack took place.

Speaking to TODAY at her home on Thursday, Ms Manvizhi, Mr Emmanuel’s mother, said that she learned about the incident on Wednesday evening.

Her son and relatives had kept the news from her because she had been unwell and they did not want to worry her.

“I am very disappointed that this happened on the day of the wedding,” the 50-year-old housewife, who goes by a single name, said in Tamil.

“I feel very sad for the parents of the two boys. As a mother, I can understand the worry that they are going through. I have been praying for them since yesterday.”


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