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Foot Antsey Law Firm Launches Electric Car Program for 600 Employees

Foot Antsey law firm has launched a program to encourage its employees to drive electric or ultra-low emission vehicles to reduce their impact on the environment.

The organization, which has offices in Bristol, Exeter, London, Plymouth, Southampton, Taunton and Truro, has announced an agreement with car concession company Tusker to help its 600+ employees pay for the switch from gasoline or diesel vehicles.

As part of the initiative, part of the employees’ pre-tax salaries will be used to lease the more environmentally friendly vehicles, including models from manufacturers such as Skoda and Kia.

Ina Simon, HR Director at Foot Anstey, said: “We are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, promote sustainable travel and behavior, and help our employees increase these activities in their daily lives.

“This relationship with Tusker is a great way to achieve these goals and we are excited to offer it to all of our employees.”

Dave Bloor, Chief Technology Officer of Foot Anstey, and Jackie Linehan, Legal Director of Enable Law, which is a member of the Foot Anstey group, are among the organization’s senior executives who have joined the new program.

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Mr Bloor said the initiative helped make his drive to make his carbon footprint more “realistic” by allowing him to swap a diesel car for an all-electric alternative.

Ms. Linehan added that the salary sacrifice program enabled her to drive an electric car for less than the equivalent gasoline car.

“My car finance deal was closed in September so I had to look for a replacement,” she said. “I was expecting to drive a hybrid, but the new family electric cars now have a long range, so I chose the fully electric because it is better for the environment.”

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