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Happy lovers win dream wedding at Eskmills Venue

Sarah Hunter and Greg Turner are both nurses at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (RIE). Sarah takes care of premature babies and Greg takes care of patients in the acute care unit.

They are engaged to be married and thanks to winning a competition from Eskmills Venue, they will celebrate the wedding of their dreams there next year. All courtesy of Hickory, who manages the Eskmills venue and a portfolio of other wedding venues.

The couple won a competition open to NHS Scotland hospital workers and those involved in caring for Covid-19.

Sarah and Greg live in Leith and although they have been together for nine years, they have both been busy for the past few months, often on opposite shifts.

They have worked hard to help hospitalized patients who have missed emotional support from friends and family while the hospital visit is suspended.

Sarah and Greg’s prize is worth around £ 12,000. The wedding includes the exclusive use of the Eskmills Venue, a converted mill building on the riverside in Musselburgh, for 80-day guests and another 40 evening guests. Drinks, canapés, a 3-course wedding dinner, and photography and videography by are included Tony Marsh Photography, classic wedding car from Edinburgh Classic Wedding Carsto choose a wedding dress Christina Rae, a bagpiper GD bagpipes, Rent kilt from 8 yards, Stationery from 2Flux Stationery Studio, Flowers out Freedom flourishes, and a 3-tier wedding cake Really tasty.

Sarah, who qualified as a nurse in 2015, and Greg, who qualified as an assistant in 2018 after several years, met at Sarah’s mother’s wedding. They got engaged on a trip to Venice last March to celebrate Sarah’s 26th birthday. They started touring wedding venues earlier this year and are now looking forward to creating a rustic, laid-back wedding with lots of flowers and fairy lights.

Sarah said: “Working during the Covid-19 pandemic was very difficult. It is amazing to find out that we were lucky enough to win this award and it really improved our mood. In addition to the challenges at work, we are personally affected by it. We passed ships at night due to our shift patterns and we both missed our friends and family. Greg’s brother recently became a dad and we couldn’t meet our new nephew Theo which was sad. “

“Our friends and family are a big part of our lives. When we know we can look forward to it and all can be together in such a great place on our big day, we can look forward to something.”

Stephanie Stubbs, Vice President of Hickory, said, “Sarah and Greg are great examples of the amazing NHS frontline workers doing such incredible and selfless work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We’re very excited for them and look forward to working with them to make plans for their big day at Eskmills Venue.”

All contest contestants will be invited to a free party at Eskmills Venue later in the year for an evening of food, drink and fun once lockdown restrictions are lifted and social distancing advice is given.

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