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How the family wedding ended in tragedy and the death of Chloe Kerr – stepfather imprisoned

She was the beautiful student from Birmingham and was looking forward to a successful teaching career.

But 22-year-old Chloe Kerr’s life was tragically about to be shortened by her stepfather who drinks alcohol.

The prospective teacher, her mother Emma Hampson and her stepfather Paul Hampson (46) had amused themselves on the evening of October 6, 2018 at a family wedding.

But the fun and laughter tragically ended when the trio left the wedding to come home late that evening.

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Chloe, a passenger in the back seat, suffered devastating injuries when the Hampson Mercedes C220 crashed into a tree near the Moxhull Hall Hotel on Holly Lane in Wishaw, Sutton Coldfield, shortly after midnight.

She died of her injuries six days later in the hospital. Chloe was unbuckled at the time of the collision.

Her mother Emma was also seriously injured but has since recovered.

Today Hampson was sentenced to seven years and eleven months in prison at Coventry Crown Court of Circus Avenue in Chelmsley Wood after pleading guilty to causing death while under the influence of careless driving.

The court overheard him drinking all day at the wedding and never supposed to be behind the wheel of a car. The court was told that hospital staff could smell the driver when he was taking care of him.

It was believed that Hampson is roughly twice the limit on alcohol consumption. However, the alcohol content could not be accurately calculated as he also refused to provide a blood sample for analysis.

Prosecutor Sophie Murray said the accident was due to the defendant not driving according to the road conditions.

She said his misjudgment was due to his state of drunkenness.

Chloe’s grandmother, Yana, filed a statement with the court saying she was “left with a broken heart that can never be mended”.

Her death devastated Chloes’ many family members and friends.

After her death, Chloe’s old school, Water Orton Primary – where she returned last year as part of her teacher training – in a statement from Headmaster Carl Lewis.

Chloe Kerr died in an accident after leaving a wedding.

Chloe Kerr died in an accident after leaving a wedding.

He said, “She grew up studying at Water Orton Primary School and moved to Coleshill School in 2007 and then went on to sixth grade.

“She trained as a primary school teacher at University College Birmingham and in 2017 did her main internship at Water Orton Primary, where she taught 3rd and 4th grades.

“She worked incredibly hard and was a naturally talented teacher who even took 6th grade home visits in her free time.

“Chloe was a very capable young person who loved life and cared very much for others.”

After her death, thousands of balloons were released on the village square in front of the school on Sunday to pay tribute to her.

Paul Hampson leaves the court

A justgiving site set up to raise funds for her funeral raised over £ 17,000.

Hundreds attended her funeral, which was called Chloe’s Magical Day.

A minute of applause also took place in the 22nd minute of the Birmingham City home game against Reading on October 23rd. Chloe’s “beautiful smile” was displayed on the big screen along with a message from loved ones.

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Chloe’s mother paid tribute to her ‘beautiful sweet angel’ daughter after the tragedy.

Devastated, Emma wrote on Instagram: “Come on … this is a status I never dreamed I would write!

“On Saturday my firstborn beautiful girl left the world for heaven.

“My heart has a hole that cannot be repaired. My baby, my best friend, my third leg and my side kick are now watching us from above.

“But I know that she will never leave my side and will always be there for me to betray me and guide her family and friends through life!

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“The effects so far seem far from real, and I’m not brave enough to read anything written.

“My girl has and always will steal hearts, made people laugh, cry and sing when they didn’t want to !!

“Chlo is the most beautiful sweet angel I could ever be a mother to, and I’ve been so proud of her since I saw her 22 years ago.

“My heart will always ache Chlo, but I know that you are never far and since I can’t believe I’m writing this, I will hold onto every moment and every memory that I loved with you until we meet again !

“Now please go and have fun with Nanny Pat, knowing that you have missed her so much!” WE LOVE YOU always and forever and you will always be involved in every step of our family! Take care of my beautiful mother xxxxx. “

At the time, Chloe’s grandfather also paid tribute to Pete Butcher on Twitter.

He said, “I lost my beautiful granddaughter this morning. I danced with her last week. A real bluenose. I will miss and love you forever, our Chloe. “


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