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Hybrid cars still have ‘many benefits’ over electric vehicles

Electric cars seem to be gaining popularity each year, with more Brits choosing to swap their petrol and diesel vehicles for an EV. However, some drivers are still not convinced by the fully-electric cars due to range issues and the charging infrastructure failing to keep up with demand.

For those who refuse to buy an electric car but wish to reduce their emissions, hybrid cars could be the perfect solution.

Dorry Potter, an expert at National Scrap Car, told Express.co.uk that hybrids still have “many benefits” over electric cars.

However, Ms Potter also stressed that both vehicle types have their “pros and cons”.

She said: “It is worth remembering that hybrids use a mixture of electricity and fuel and will be banned in 2035, five years after the petrol and diesel ban.

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Ms Potter continued: “Don’t forget that making a switch from combustion to hybrid instantly cuts your emissions meaning you are playing a big part in improving local air pollution.

“Batteries are often used a lot less on a hybrid than an EV so a hybrid’s battery is also less likely to need replacing.

“However, hybrids will need to charge their battery more often and their batteries have a lot less range than an EV.

“As most of these vehicles are self-charging, using regenerative braking to keep the batteries charged, there will be no additional charging costs on top of the fuel too, meaning fuel will last longer, but you will still need to buy conventional fuel which is an added cost for Hybrids.”

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Mr Fulthorpe said: “Should you be a driver who mixes short journeys with extended trips along the motorway, then hybrid vehicles may be for you.

“Hybrid vehicles are also cheaper to run than a combustion engine, but you don’t compromise on the driving experience.

“And as well as the cost savings, you won’t be trying to Google ‘nearest electric charging point’ as hybrids have the functionality to charge their own batteries. And of course, hybrid vehicles are better for the environment.

“Another consideration with a hybrid vehicle is that if you are someone who usually keeps your car for a long time, the manufacturing of hybrid vehicles will cease in 2035, so if you are to buy a hybrid, this could be your last vehicle before turning fully electric.”


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