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ITV Corrie new first-look images show wedding disaster for Toyah Battersby as she’s kidnapped by Abi Franklin

Wedding bells may be beckoning for Toyah Battersby this week but the actual day itself looks set to hit by disaster if first-look Coronation Street pictures are anything to go by.

Viewers of the ITV soap will see Toyah’s sister Leanne Battersby voice her concerns to her sister about her marrying cheat Imran Habeeb and the fact that it’s all happening far too quickly. The fan favorite couple looked set to split earlier this month after Toyah discovered her fiancé was the father of Abi Franklin’s baby.

The fresh drama began at the start of April when Toyah revealed at her adoption hearing with Imran that he had been cheating on her and had a secret baby with their drug addict neighbor Abi. This quickly turned into Toyah kicking Imran out of their home and Toyah having to say a heartbreaking goodbye to foster daughter Elsie after the adoption fell through.

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However, Counselor Toyah, who has always longed to be a mum, has since appeared to forgive Imran after he came crawling back to ask if she would consider getting back together and raising his son Alfie as a family. Despite giving a firm ‘no’ at first, Imran shared his concerns that Abi might be back on drugs and told her that he intends to fight for custody of Alfie and wanted them to raise him together. Toyah eventually agreed that she’d help him but Corrie fans were quickly sensing there would be a plot twist.

The pair have since gone about trying to challenge Abi for custody of Alfie and this week, despite being deeply hurt by her sister’s comments, Toyah tells Leanne that if she can’t rely on her full support, she doesn’t want her at the marriage.

But at Toyah’s hen do her sister tell her that she has her blessing if she is sure she wants to marry Imran and she’ll be by her side. The sisters hug each other and are soon burying their concerns.

Actress Georgia Taylor has now been snapped filming as bride Toyah in a flowing, beaded white wedding dress. The soap star was seen keeping warm between takes in her big red ITV puffa jacket and a pair of ugg boots.

But it appears Toyah is by Abi, played by Sally Carman, on her way to marry Imran. Toyah and Abi’s battle over baby Alfie takes a wrong turn when the wedding car, a Street Cars taxi complete with black ribbon, turns out to be driven by Abi who wants to prevent the wedding and scupper the couple’s chances of adopting her surprise baby son.

Inside the car, Toyah looks concerned, however, off-screen, Georgia and Sally were able to enjoy a chat and a laugh between takes, with Sally seen dressed as Abi in a pair of skinny gray jeans and blue coat before the actress donned her own black glasses.

It comes after on-location photos showed soap couple Toyah and Imran, played by Charlie De Melo, filming near the Etihad stadium. The pair, who were dressed smartly, filmed driving scenes in a car loaded on the back of a truck.

They looked solemn as they filmed the car scenes but they were all smiles and looked in great spirits as they took a break. Georgia sported a chic camel-colored coat as she held an animal print water bottle.

It comes amid reports Imran actor Charlie is set to leave the soap. It was reported earlier this year that the soap star is set to leave the role after five years, however, this hasn’t been confirmed by Coronation Street.

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