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Michigan Performs Badly on EV Readiness – Macomb Daily

Detroit may be the Motor City, but the state of Michigan is doing poorly in preparing for EV readiness.

Michigan ranks 32nd for number of charging stations and 40th best and worst states to own electric cars, according to Bumper.com.

President Joe Biden has called for half of all new vehicles to be electric or hybrid electric cars by 2030. Several major manufacturers, including Volkswagen, General Motors, Volvo, and Audi, have pledged to stop selling internal combustion engine vehicles over the next 15 years. Meanwhile, the demand for electric cars far exceeds the supply. Industry leader Tesla broke a quarterly profit of $ 1 billion for the first time in July. Kelly Blue Book reports that electric vehicle sales increased 255% year over year in the second quarter of this year.

Some states are making the transition from gas-powered vehicles easier for consumers and local residents by providing better infrastructure and incentives for electric vehicles. Interestingly, California accounts for 41.73% of all EV vehicles registered for electric vehicles in the United States, while the closest state, Florida, drops to about 6%.

The Bumper.com study ranks states on 10 metrics – five related to infrastructure, like EV charging availability and growth, and five related to financial considerations, including the cost of buying and driving EVs and the average travel time to work.

In addition, Michigan ranks 37th in Available Financial Incentives for Electric Vehicles, 40th in EV Infrastructure, 21st.

Washington is the best state to own an electric vehicle; Alaska is the worst. Washington and Illinois are the best states for financial incentives to own an electric vehicle. Vermont and California top the list for best EV infrastructure. California and New York are leading the way in growing the total number of new EV charging points.

Overall, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Massachusetts, and California are the top five states to own an electric vehicle.


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