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Mini or Golf? The “classless” cars that somehow became status symbols for lords and loafers

Whether you are a lord or a loafer, some cars transcend all social boundaries. Just ask Lady Carnarvon, who lives at Highclere Castle in Hampshire – the real Downton Abbey.

The Countess is an author and married to George ‘Geordie’ Herbert, the 8th Earl of Carnarvon. She has been involved in running her husband’s mansion since 2001, which is located on 5,000 acres near Newbury.

Famous as the filming location for Downton Abbey, the TV series was created by the Carnarvons’ longtime friend Julian Fellowes. The drama has since made the property one of the most iconic and iconic country houses in the UK.

Her all-time favorite engine is a classic Bentley that belonged to her father and was called Boris. Lady Carnarvon, however, has owned a number of more down-to-earth vehicles of her own, including her first car, an original Mini.


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